What's your favorite vintage computer company?

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Bill Loguidice
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INTV Corp. and Mattel

Speaking of computers, in Mattel's three attempts at entering the market, first with the limited release computer add-on for the original Intellivision, then the more widely available and different computer add-on for the Intellivision II, then the stand-alone and woefully underpowered Mattel Aquarius, the company's history in this regard is indeed an interesting one. I have all those setups quite complete, save for the original computer module, which is all but impossible to find...

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Mark Vergeer
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I voted CBM

I voted CBM because the C64 really was the greatest computer experience a young lad could have during the 80's.

I quite liked the ZX spectrum and the C64, both were entirely different beasts - MrCustard owned a ZX16 and later a ZX48 and it had some great games for it. I remember Mooncresta as being one of the games that had excellent ZX graphics. The ZX was way faster when it came to hires monochrome character based bitmaps. The C64 felt sluggish, the ability to use hardware sprites made up for that difference.

The c64 basic was horrible whilst the ZX's basic was elaborate and had loads of functions that were easilty accessed by the user.

What is amazing is the fact that so many systems used the same CPU.

C64, A400, A800, A800XL, AppleII all used a 6510/6502 CPU

ZX16, ZX64, Amstrad, MSX all used a ZX80

Of course many had vastly different sound and video capabilities.

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INTV Corp.

I never owned an Intellivision growing up, but the story of Intellivision getting spun off from Mattel and fording it's way across the video game crash of the 80s is a stirring one. :) Blue Sky Rangers, Unite!

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I voted Commodore due to my love for the Amiga. It was my first, real, exposure to a computer and to computer gaming. Looks like alot of you feel the same way, well, 4 of you anyway, hahaha. We've all talked about why we liked, or still like, the first computer we were exposed to, or that made the most impact in our lives. The Amiga certainly "had it going on" as far as gaming was concerned. That was my biggest thing way back when, except for the occassional need to type a letter. Cheers

...oh, and as I type this I wonder, "why am I up at 0530 AM on a Sunday typing on the keyboard and trying to wake everyone up, hahahaha


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