The Wimington Classic Computing Show and Swapmeet - Until 4PM EST Today!

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Commodore 128: Photo - Bill LoguidiceCommodore 128: Photo - Bill LoguidiceShort notice, but Armchair Arcade friend Evan Koblentz reports that there is plenty of room to accomodate more visitors to the MARCH (Midatlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists) club's latest event in Wilmington, Delaware, until about 4PM EST.

From the Website:

Midatlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists Present:
The Wilmington Classic Computing Show and SwapMeet

2800 square feet of hard-to-find "classic" computers (pre-internet age), gaming, test equipment, parts and supplies, software, and more for sale, swap, and auction. Sell or trade your pre-1990 computers! Supports non-profit group dedicated to the preservation of historical computers.

Click Here for a listing of sample items Updated 10/5/06
Click Here for a local map of event, with load-in times and event parking indicators.
Click Here for the event flyer in MS Word format.
DATE: October 7

504 N. Market Street
2nd floor / Copeland Room
Wilmington, Delaware 19801


PUBLIC ADMISSION: $5.00 ($7.00 per family)
RESERVED BOOTH: $15.00 non-members, $10.00 MARCH members (per 8'x10' space) and first dibs on the available 6x2 tables. Contact Bill D with Inquiries See, or similar hobby web sites for examples of the kinds of items appropriate for this swap meet. As a *general* rule of thumb, items manufactured before 1989 are desired. It is not the intention of this group to define by year the term "vintage computers".
Please use Paypal to pay for your table reservation today!

Purchase a reserved space to guarantee you get a table. There will also be a non-reserved open area that will be first come first served. See below for contact information.

TABLES: There are a limited number of tables; first come, first served. Once the available tables are reserved, exhibitors and others will be responsible for their own tables or floor mats. The floor is carpeted so please arrange to ground your sensitive electronic components.

OPEN AREA: There will be a rather large first-come-first-served open area for persons who wish to bring their items for swap, who don't need a reserved space.


8:00AM-10:00AM ** ONLY**LOADING ADDRESS: 509 King Street Wilmington, DE 19801. This is between 5th and 6th Streets on King St, across from New Castle Courthouse. To get to King, take Orange Street to 7th St. and make a right onto King. 509 King is a the loading zone for the museum, but it will only be made available to us for two hours and I think at 4PM for a half hour or so.

WHAT YOU NEED: A dolly or cart

ASSISTANCE: There will be someone to help get you to the correct room at the loading door, and someone at the top of the elevator.

*After 10:00AM, bring your items in through the 504 N. Market Street entrance, see parking/directions below.

The Midatlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists (501c)

EVENT PARKING/DIRECTIONS: Free parking across the street in parking lot, but first come first served.

Note that there may be construction on Market Street, 5th Street and/or 6th Street, unfortunately. MapQuest or Google may not give directions that compensate for the construction.

1. Travel down I-95 into Wilmington, Delaware.

2. Take the exit corresponding with Martin Luther King Blvd. This is also the exit for the "Riverfront" and the Blue Rocks minor league baseball stadium.

3. Get onto Martin Luther King Blvd heading towards the Amtrak Station and Riverfront.

4. Go through a few lights. Stay on MLK Blvd., past the turn for the Riverfront. Shortly afterwards you'll see Orange St. (It's before the Amtrak station)

5. LEFT Orange St.

6. RIGHT 6th St

7. RIGHT Shipley St.

8. See Colonial Parking lot. You can park here for free on Saturdays. If this is full, you can park on 6th St. or farther down on Market, etc. Bring quarters for the meters?

9. 504 N. Market is on the other side of the parking lot, one block farther down 6th St. Due to construction of the street you may have to walk around the block to get to the entrance of the event.

Please bring a dolly or cart if you plan to haul any equipment.

There are ample restaurants and hotels in downtown Wilmington.
The swap meet is walking distance from the Amtrak station.

Q: I want to sell (give away or trade) an item or two but I don't want to pay for an entire table, is there a way to sell just one item?
A#1: Yes, in addition to the reserved table spaces there is plenty of room for everyone to bring their items in the "open area"
A#2: OR you can include your one item in the auction, or both.

Q: What's being auctioned?
A: This info will be posted on as it becomes available.

Q: I want to sell (or trade or give away) my stuff. What kind of items should I bring?
A: See, or similar hobby web sites for examples of the kinds of items appropriate for this swap meet. As a *general* rule of thumb, items manufactured before 1989 are desired. It is not the intention of this group to define by year the term "vintage computers" but please no old pentiums!

Other Questions: Bill D
Visit this web site regularly for an updated list of scheduled exhibitors and items to be sold and/or auctioned. This information is not yet available.


Mark Vergeer
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Seems like a nice event....

Hey that seems to be a very nice event. Alas won't be able to make it today as I am a little location challenged.;)

-= Mark Vergeer - Armchair Arcade editor =-

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Arcadia festival

I wish we'd get something like that in Montreal. We have the Arcadia festival coming up:

And even though there's always some retro stuff, it's not really the main focus.

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