Apple II (2) News and Notes for September 2006

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A2 News and Notes September, 2006

* Just Cloning Around
* Home Expansion
* Curling Up With A Good Book
* Wish You Were There?
* Socket Makeover
* Software News
* Emulation News
* SignOff

-- While making new clones of old Apple II computers has become popular,
clones of Our Favorite Computer aren't new. Apple II clones, especially
those made illegally by offshore companies were a popular option for some
overseas users, as well as those few that made it to these shores. One
website lists 200 clones that are known to have existed. To see what form
these took, take a look at:

-- Sean Fahey has announced that will incorporate most if
not all of the user-accessible functions that will be discontinued Dec.
1st when Syndicomm turns off its subscription services. Previously only
available to subscribers, Sean has promised access to free services
a bulletin board system that will offer chat, messaging, and file
sections, available both by telnet or via a web browser. These services
will be implemented in the next few months. For more information please

Syndicomm in the meantime will start its refocus on software development,
and sales of Macintosh and Apple II-related material to the public. These
can be found at

-- Paul R. Santa-Maria has obtained permission from Mr. Roger Wagner (he
of the Ugly Tie fame) to put his Apple IIGS Assembly Language book
Compute!'s Apple IIGS Machine Language for Beginners" online in electronic
format. The book is presently being scanned and should be available at shortly.

-- For those folk who want to experience KFest vicariously, Ken Gagne has
released his Kfest pics for the general public to view. No responsibility
can be taken by this publication of the viewers reactions to either the
photos or their captions!

-- If you own a ZIP GSX and want to modify that puppy to use more modern
chips, you might be interested in a new service from GSE-Reactive. The
company is now offering a ZIP GSX cache and logic combo socket upgrade.
The user ships them their ZIP GSX board and GSE-Reactive will remove the
board's Cache RAM Sockets and solder Machine Pin SIP (single in-line pin)
Sockets in their place. Pricing and information can be found at:

--Software News

-- Mark Munz continues coming out with new alpha versions of his
AppleWorks-On-A-Mac program, Deja IIx. Currently at version 2.0a12,
this new incarnationincludes expanded preferences, user-selectable text
and background colors, as well as the ability to resize the AppleWorks window.
You can download the current version at:

-- Have you ever wanted to burn your own ProDOS compatible CD ROM but
lacked the information on how to do it? Scott Alfter has put together a
ProDOS/HFS Partition Table Generator to string together some filesystem
images into an ISO that the user can use to burn with any Windows, Mac OS
X, Linux, etc. CD-burning application. Download it at:

-- Andy McFadden has released a new version of his popular CiderPress
program. CiderPress v2.4.3 fixes some ShrinkIt compatibility issues, and
can be downloaded from:

--Emulation News

-- Eric Shepherd continues to work on his new IIGS emulator which runs
under Mac OS X, and version 1.7.3 has now been released. This new version
allows the user to choose the Dvorak and French Canadian keyboard layouts
in the Control Panel without crashing the program, and works better with
games that use interrupts for timing routines. Check it out at:

* Sign Off
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