Two New Limited Edition Cartridge Games Released for the ColecoVision

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Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels (2006) screenshot: ColecoVision - Adam formatSearch for the Stolen Crown Jewels (2006) screenshot: ColecoVision - Adam formatNot much more to say here than in the blurbs provided below, but two new cartridge games, "Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels", which is loosely based on the 1981 Rock-Ola arcade game, "Fantasy", and "Schlange CV", which is a "Snake" remake, are available in cartridge form for the ColecoVision/Adam in limited supply from the Website. Downloadable trial ROM versions provide a nice demo-before-you-buy option in the emulator of your choice or for direct transfer to a flash device. and programmer Philipp Klaus Krause have teamed up
to release an original, new Colecovision game titled 'Search for the
Stolen Crown Jewels'! As many of you have been following the
development of the game through,
the game is loosely inspired by the Rock-Ola arcade game Fantasy,
featuring a hot air balloon traveling adventurer, as he crosses the
globe in an attempt to rescue three stolen Crown Jewels.

The multi-level adventure was conceived by Mark Mazure and adapted
by Philipp Klaus Kraus, who not only programmed the code but
also developed and produced unique new cartridge casings for the
games. Mark designed the art for the boxes Philipp created, which
will also contain a basic instruction sheet.

The initial cartridge version of Philipp's 'Schlange CV' is a
Colecovision version of the classic computer game 'Snake,' where
players must successfully navigate each level, while avoiding
multiple dangers and picking up bonuses along the way.

To celebrate the re-launch of as a website
dedicated to the independent, homebrew development scene, the
initial release of 'Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels'
and 'Schlange CV' will be available EXCLUSIVELY through the website. Pre-orders will be taken at a special pre-
order price of $29.95 for 'Crown Jewels' & $25.95 for 'Schlange'
beginning Saturday, 9/30/2006. Orders will ship October 15th.
Visit for more information!!!