The 12th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition--Download the games and vote!

Matt Barton's picture

If you enjoy playing interactive fiction (aka text adventures), you should know that the 12th Annual IF Competition is underway. The games have been submitted; now it's time for you to download the 44 games and vote for your favorite entries. You can either download the whole collection via Bit Torrent or check out individual games. The time limit is six weeks (November 15th, 2006), so you'd better get a move on if you want to be a judge in the contest.

Although the official rules are somewhat lenient, I think you should feel honorbound to at least give each game a fair chance before voting on the top five. Of course, 44 games will take awhile to go through, even if you're just giving them a few minutes to catch your interest.

I'm going to try to play as many of these as possible myself, offering up some commentary on the site about the best of the mix (after the 6 weeks are up, of course!)

Have fun!