Atari Jaguar, L y n x and store updates from Songbird Productions

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Ocean Depths game packaging: for Atari Jaguar CDOcean Depths game packaging: for Atari Jaguar CDAmong other updates, prior Armchair Arcade interview subject Carl Forhan and his Songbird Productions is making, among other things, the "Ocean Depths CD" and "Bomb Squad CD" homebrews more widely available for the Atari Jaguar and its CD attachment. Both games are from Starcat Developments in Germany and require a modified Jaguar that can play encrypted CD's or the use of a bypass cartridge (which is the solution that I implement).

The full update with more information is here:

Songbird Productions now has Ocean Depths CD and Bomb Squad CD in stock for the Atari Jaguar. These two encrypted CDs come straight from Starcat Developments in Germany -- you won't want to miss out!

Also, we did a complete Jaguar inventory over the weekend, and found one last Jaguar's Edge Fall Preview 1995 and added it back into the catalog. First taker gets it! And while we were inventorying, we came across a number of genuine Atari L y n x and Jaguar prototype cartridges received by Songbird direct from an Atari employee many years ago... these carts will be available for Atari fans
to own in the coming months, so stay tuned.

As far as new Atari projects are concerned, the top priority currently is the MegaPak for the L y n x. This nifty compilation of fantastic mini-games, such as ChopperX, Parafly, and more, is entering its final testing phase now. We hope to have it ready for publication sometime over the winter with an early 2007 release.

Finally, if you're a boardgaming fan or a comics fan, Songbird is branching out into a new arena with our latest catalog additions: HEROES Incorporated and its never-released expansion, S.U.P.E.R, exclusively available at Songbird. The HEROES Incorporated game introduces players to the next generation of crime fighters. Each player leads two super-powered heroes against a legion of bad
guys. The goal is not only to stop the villains, but also to become more popular than any of the other super groups in the city. Each team competes for the same goal: to become the only officially elected and funded Defenders of Megapolis! And the S.U.P.E.R. expansion only adds to the fun with new Heroes and Research cards!

Visit the Songbird website today at . Happy gaming!

Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions