Windows Vista RC1 in Pictures

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Bill Loguidice
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This is a great photo narrative of the features present in the upcoming Windows Vista:,1206,pg=0&s=1489&a=187772,00.asp

Mark Vergeer
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Long live linux ;)

Well in that case, long live Linux!

-= Mark Vergeer - Armchair Arcade editor =-

Matt Barton
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Scary Stuff

Those are some very frightening scenarios! I hope that Vista won't really be that much of a stinker. I doubt that flashy graphics and such will really be able to win over folks from XP if it means restrictions like that. Vista will be a dud as soon as word leaks out.

However, even if folks stick with XP, if Microsoft is really taking sides with the RIAA and MPAA and the like, then I'm sure XP users will feel the pinch as well. There will probably be scads of media that will only run under Vista with full DRM lockdown. We've already seen how uncooperative the big players can be regarding free operating systems.

However, the positive side might be that if Microsoft and Hollywood really put the strangehold on consumers, they might be more willing to listen to overtures from GNU-minded folks.

Sadly, though, my observations are that most folks are willing to put up with anything as long as they get to play the game/watch the movie/listen to the song/read the book they want. It's really only a tiny elite that actually even know what "DRM" means or care.

David Torre
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It will take a lot to get me

It will take a lot to get me to change my OS to Windows Vista. Note I didn't use the word "upgrade". I don't consider the change to Windows Vista from Windows XP an "upgrade", if anything, it's a downgrade. I say this because the center of Vista is its much-touted "Protected Media Path" technology, which basically allows Hollywood and the Recording Industry to say what you can and cannot do with your media. There's a write up on it here:

It's insane. Now the path from your hard drive to the monitor and soundcard will be locked down with DRM. I can imagine a typical scenario: I have an Blu-Ray drive on my PC, and I'm trying to play a movie and output to a regular HDTV. The HDTV screen turns black, because the HDTV isn't compatible with the DRM that the Blu-Ray disc is using. They will tell me to go out and purchase a DRM-compatible HDTV. Or what if I want to record songs off of Listen's Rhapsody music service that I'm streaming. I open up ReplayMusic, start recording and the program only records silence because the DRM has stopped the flow of data from the real soundcard to ReplayMusic's virtual soundcard.

Microsoft will wrap Vista in all these fancy features to mask the fact that by installing it, you are giving the major media corporations unrestricted control to what you do on your PC. I don't mean literal surveillance, but everything you do will be locked down and only "approved" use will be allowed.

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