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Matt Barton
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Hi, everyone. I was writing because I bet some of you are probably curious about the little buttons beneath each post:

Basically, these are ways for you to help us promote this site and spread the word about Armchair Arcade. The cube is designed to help you set up a link to the site on del.icio.us, a popular social bookmarking site. Basically, you create a (free) account on del.icio.us and you can share your bookmarks with all the other members of that site.

The little guy with the shovel is a symbol for Digg, another social bookmarking site that's probably easier to use. Once you create an account there, you can "digg" posts just by clicking on the icon. If the post hasn't been dugg, you'll have to create a description for it (we recommend that you only digg feature articles and perhaps reviews). If someone has already dugg the post, then you can vote for it. If a post receives enough votes, it appears higher up in the digg hierarchy for that day and more and more people see it(sort of like a slashdot effect times ten).

For instance, check out Bill's digg for my article: The_Game_of_Dialog_Simulating_Conversation_in_Games.

If you click that, you can vote for it! (You must have a digg account to do this).

In short, if you like what you see here and really want to earn lots of brownie points, try to help us promote our work by digging and boosting up the scores by voting for good posts. It takes about five seconds and, if nothing else, it lets us know that you guys care (digg lets everyone see who has "dugg" each post). That'll help us drive more traffic to the site.