Time Pilot - Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays and other thoughts on the Xbox 360

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Microsoft Xbox 360Microsoft Xbox 360Well, I'm behind in my updates for Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays. I missed "Pac-Man" and "Texas Hold'em", and just yesterday was "Time Pilot", a personal favorite of mine back from the ColecoVision days.

"Pac-Man" is a straight up port that unfortunately does not translate well to the Xbox 360 gamepad, as most games of that type don't to post-Atari pack-in style controllers. Some arcade controllers are coming soon, so that should help with these, but for now, "Pac-Man" is well-done and as with all these games, worth it for the competitive and scoring/leaderboard aspects, but I'll be holding off until I get a hold of one of those controllers. And again, aside from the online competitive comparisons and points for my Gamertag, I have a wonderful MAME arcade machine that plays the game better than any system short of the real machine.

As for "Texas Hold'em", that was released last week, and interestingly, you could get the full game for free if you downloaded it within the first 48 hours of its release. I was at least able to do that. I tried it quickly and it seemed good. In fact in my first hand I was able to get some points for my GamerTag. I don't know how to play that type of poker, but it seems like it would be a lot of fun, particularly over Xbox Live with the standard headset.

Finally, that brings me to "Time Pilot". As I said, even though the port was highly criticized, it was a favorite ColecoVision game of mine. I certainly enjoyed it when I had the chance to play it in the arcades as well. Since "Time Pilot" is based around 360 degree movement, it maps itself quite well to a modern controller. When you first start the game, it defaults to the enhanced hi-def visual and enhanced audio mode. I was suitably impressed, though like the original shooting sound effects, the enhanced shooting sound effects are perhaps a bit too soft/subtle. The remixed music is particularly nice. In any case, I was immediately impressed and hooked and wanted to purchase it, but was short 100 Microsoft points. I ordered another package of points, but there was some glitch and it didn't work. Perhaps if I catch a break tonight, I'll order up the points again and try to get some GamerTag Achievment points. I'm also keen to somehow try the two player modes and online two player modes! I also need to work on "Galaga" again too, which I already purchased the full version for...

In any case, Microsoft better keep these coming, as it's great to have ready access to a library of enhanced twitch and casual games without having to insert a disc. It's a shame the 20GB hard drive is so cramped at this point, as between download demos, arcade games, music, shows, videos, etc., one has to regularly delete prior content to make room. Hopefully at some point when Microsoft does release bigger hard drives for sale, there's a way to transfer the old contents over, as right now, you can't. You have to re-download everything, which is no fun...

From the official release:

"Time Pilot,” the futuristic jet fighter from Konami launches on Xbox Live Arcade today, Wednesday 30th August. The arcade classic makes its next-gen debut, bringing the aerial shoot-em-up to a new level, with enhanced graphics and gameplay.

With “Time Pilot,” Xbox Live Arcade gamers can step back in time and fix the future for the safety of all mankind. Gamers will pilot a futuristic fighter jet with the capability to travel through time to destroy wave after wave of enemies; starting in 1910 and gunning down biplanes and UFOs through to the 21st century. Online multiplayer, high-definition graphics and achievements make this shooter hit Mach-3 like only an Xbox Live Arcade game can.

“Time Pilot” for Xbox Live Arcade includes enhanced artwork, new Xbox Live split screen multiplayer modes and bonus items such as parachutes and enemy boss planes.

‘Time Pilot’ includes:

Online multiplayer via Xbox Live
Co-op and Versus play online
High definition graphics

The cost of Time Pilot is 400 Microsoft Points


mrCustard (not verified)
Time Pac Pilot Man

I bought Time Pilot. Ahh, it's ok. It's a pity the menu graphics are unfiltered, so they look a bit ragged on my screen. As long as you don't scale, the in-game graphics look fine though. The game plays great, nice and direct controls. And although I have it on Mame as well, I have never paid for a version of Time Pilot before. $5 is not too much... I skipped Pac-Man. Having to break through the 15000 point limit to unlock the Pac-Man achievement in Ridge Racer 6, was quite enough thankyouverymuch.

Gamertag: Custardo

Mark Vergeer
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been too busy.... wil try out time pilot...hope for Gyruss

Been a bit too busy with work to enjoy the x360. I will definitely try out Time Pilot, that'll bring back some memories. The c64 version a played back in the days was quite a good arcade conversion. I believe the arcade hardware for Time Pilot and Gyruss was very similar - if not identical - and I am hoping for a release of Gyruss in the future. So converting the code, if not emulating the code, might actually be quite doable for the M$ people.

-= Mark Vergeer - Armchair Arcade editor =-

Fighter17 (not verified)
I never play Time Pilot

I never play Time Pilot before. :(

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