How does your significant other view your gaming habits?

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Move over; they want to play, too! Check out those Pac-Man undies!
18% (2 votes)
It's cool. Much better than more annoying hobbies like robbing liquor stores or going outside.
27% (3 votes)
They don't care about your gaming. Or about you for that matter. "Lowered expectations..."
0% (0 votes)
It's mildly irritating, especially the GBAing on the john. Might as well buy that BloodRayne game.
27% (3 votes)
It'll likely be grounds for breaking up in the near future. You big dork.
9% (1 vote)
Significant other??? What, you mean my backup Xbox 360?
18% (2 votes)
Total votes: 11


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Pretty Funny!!

This is right up my alley as I use my DS while on the John quite regularly, hahahahaha!!! As a matter of fact, pretty much everytime I use the John I'm gaming on the DS. Am I sick??? Oh, and since I'm nearing 47, that must make me double sick.

My spouse tolerates the 360 online gaming as I haven't taken over the big screen, "yet". I'm obsessed with the online play since a bunch of us at the office got online together.

Rowdy Rob
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Age might be critical?

At my age (turning 40 in 6 days!), most of the women of my generation don't have much of a gaming history, and therefore, much interest in video games (until they meet me!).

I think the younger generation might have it easier. Video gaming was pretty much ubiquitous for them, and therefore they have more exposure and less stigmas associated with the pastime.

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