Shatner to Voice Kirk in Upcoming Star Trek: Legacy

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Here's exciting news for Star Trek TOS fans: Shatner himself will be voicing Kirk in Bethesda's upcoming Star Trek Legacy. Furthermore, he's already out publicizing the game and drumming up enthusiasm for it, mainly because he feels that the Star Trek franchise has dropped to impulse and needs a good game to buck it back up to warp speed. Although Shatner apparently doesn't play videogames (his grandson will teach him, he says), it's nice to see a TV and movie star of his stature really stepping in to the videogame scene. The game itself sounds interesting enough. From what I'm able to gather, it's a massive space strategy game that covers all eras of Trek, starting with TOS and carrying all the way through to Enterprise. There will also be support for Xbox Live, and I assume PC players will be able to join in as well. That's exactly the kind of game that would've had me bouncing off the walls with glee back in 88.

I think it's a fun topic because Star Trek has been a theme for videogames since the very beginning. If you read through those crusty old books full of BASIC games, you'll generally see a dozen or so ripping trademarks and plenty of content straight from Trek. Some might argue that Spacewar! was clearly inspired by Trek, and I've seen versions where the ships looked like Enterprises and Birds of Prey. There have also been dozens (hundreds??) of licensed Star Trek titles for nearly every system, though I've played very few of them myself. Indeed, the only one I played through to completion was a text adventure for the Commodore 64 called Star Trek: The Kobyashi Alternative. However, I think some of the ST TNG graphical adventures published in the 90s look interesting, and I'd like to play them when I get the chance.

At any rate, I'm sorry to say it, but if Shatner's in on Star Trek Legacy, then so am I. Shatner rocks! :-) Though it is a bit ironic...He tried so hard to kill his character forever in Generations, and now he's doing a videogame? What is with TOS actors and the "I am not Spock" "I am Spock" "I was never Spock" "I was always Spock" silliness?


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This will be very, very good...

Was very glad to hear this and it looks like I'll be getting back into ST games when this one comes out. If they could somehow get the game to be true to some of the scenes in Wrath of Khan, it would be great. Talking about when the nasty Romulans (I think) are blown to bits by Kirk in one ship and Sullu (spelling) in the other one. The Kobyashi Alternative would be another great scene translation to a game.

Wonder if it will be like Star Trek - Star Fleet Command III. Nice game and with today's graphics it could kick a$$.

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Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury (unreleased)

I'm still waiting for SOMETHING to be done with the material from the unreleased, but partially finished "Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury". More info here:

It's the last time - as far as I know - that the original cast did anything together. Not too long after, Deforest Kelly died. It would be a crime not to remaster the materials into something else, particularly with all the acting and writing talent on board.

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Not Just Shatner--Stewart, Brooks--all five captains!

This game is starting to sound (pun intended) better by the minute. I just read that all five captains from the various TV series will be adding their talent to the game. Historically, this is the first time that all of these captains have worked together on anything!

I'm starting to get pumped for this game! I just hope that Bethesda didn't spend so much money for the talent that they neglect the actual game development...


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