These Game Musics are, uh, Suck

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Error Macro has a blog up that's so funny it'll have you in tears: The Worst Songs in Videogames. The author has really done some great work here, both in selecting these horrid numbers and actually sampling them for your listening, er, torture? In actuality, these are really hilarious, and it brings to mind all those suits and culturally clueless Japanese business overlords who gave this crap the thumb's up. The author has also divided them up well--We get "So Bad They're Good," "So Bad They're Bad," and "So Bad They're a Leading Cause of Cancer." All I can say is, yes, I agree 100% with him here, and strongly recommend this article. Just don't be drinking a Coke when you do! And don't forget to read the descriptions for the songs--they're the best part!


Mat Tschirgi (not verified)
Thoughts on bad VG music...

I like the jovial stupidity of the "Daytona" track.

"I am the Wind" is a classic. I played that all the time on my radio show back in college-- it's the best bad song ever written.

Geeze, as a kid I was so impressed that "Clayfighter" had a vocal song in it (SNES songs never had vocal songs, period) that I listened to it over and over again, despite the fact it was a stupid song to begin with...

I quite like "Fighting Through the Darkness" its ultra 80sness.

It's a shame they don't have "We Are Rockman," which was never featured in the game "Rockman Soccer," but might have been in a commercial for the same game... It has lyrics in English and Japanese and is the only rap game based off a kid's game that has the lyrics "You don't have to be a President to make mad dough / Play the big show / Fuck a blond ho / New York!"

Another, much worse video game song is "Inca People" from the CD-ROM version of the weird Sierra Online game, "Inca." The game involves you playing as a reincarnated Mayan in the future who has to fly his spaceship to avoid the evil Spanish conquistadores, who are also flying spaceships while wearing their medieval armor.

Lyrics in that song go, "We are the Incas into the night / We just stop. Where we go we don't know / We are the Incas into the night / Inca people looking for a place to go." Pure pain in a 3 minute ditty...

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Mark Vergeer
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Day-ee-toe-nah, I actually love that wierd superhappy Japanese accented Daytona soundtrack. But of course when you have to listen to it day after day - like those people working in the arcades during the mid 90's - it might cause quite a bit of irritation. But that's something you just have to endure working in an arcade I guess.

Typical videogame music in my opinion. Those old games need those horrible songs - they just won't be the same if the songs were different now. All the more reason for modern game creators to pay more attention to the sound and the music.

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This made me happy

I especially liked the Sonic Adventure II attempt at a rap song!!!

Certainly brought back some memories!!

My wife overheard me playing them while she was working on her computer and commented, "I hope you didn't actually pay for those songs..." !!!!!


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