ZX81/Spectrum/Sinclair Software Updates for August 2006

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Alien Mind for the ZX81/Sinclair/Timex Computers (16K)Alien Mind for the ZX81/Sinclair/Timex Computers (16K) ANDRE is back with the next new game in his regular series of releases for the ZX81 and Sinclair 1000/1500 1K systems, PICMAN. Of course stuff is also available for 16K models.

ANDRE's update (light editing for content):


Have you seen SNOOPY?! He can be seen at the Website.

"PICMAN" is NOW available at http://www.zx-team.de/andre

UDG version of "PICMAN" is available at

http://www.ts1000.us is having a programming contest for the ZX81
and the Timex 1000/1500. Try your luck, send your program(s) in!

http://www.mattrudge.net/cgc2006 is also having a
programmer's contest and.... ZX81 and Timex 1000 programs are
accepted. Go and vote for the best ZX81/Timex 1000 program!

"SUDOKU", the program for the ZX81 and the Timex 1000 created by
Stafford White will be available soon. Watch for it!

Goodby(t)e, ANDRE***