Modojo names Top 15 GB Games

Mobile gaming blog Modojo recently featured an article on the Top 15 GB Games.

I enjoyed how they kept their list to only the old-school black and white GB games, but disagree with several of their choices.

However, they did make a few decent ones. Here's one of them.

Gargoyle's Quest This spin-off title takes it's main character from the famous Ghosts n' Goblins series. However, you won't be playing as Arthur, but instead as the fiesty gargoyle Firebrand. Firebrand is destined to become the Red Blaze, the mighty savior of the Ghoul Realm, and defeat the evil King Breagar. The gameplay differentiates between an overhead world map, and side-scrolling combat levels with light RPG elements. Missing out on this wonderful GB gem is a shame that's not so easy to live down.

Yeah, Gargoyle's Quest was a fine, ultra-difficult game for the system, but why the hell did they list Batman, based on the Tim Burton movie? That one was a mediocre side scroller at best. Another dubious choice was the lackluster Castlevania Legends.

Any other thoughts on their picks?

Modojo's Top 15 GB Games