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Just was thinking about the current layout of the site and was thinking on how we could make it a bit easier to use. If we took the Recent Comments column and shifted it to the far right side, it would free up space for the Syndicate and Menu options to be on top of the left column.

The minimalism thus far of this new layout is quite nice, but coming to the main page and seeing a large list of the most recent comments is not the most inviting thing. A splash page might be nice-- I'm not talking about anything silly like having the AA mascot rap about the good old C64 days, but it would seem a bit more welcoming.

The minimalist site design appeals more for hard core users, but, to be fair, most of are users are just that-- hard core. We don't have a lot of newbies in the retro gaming scene on the message boards, yet if this site doesn't appear more inviting, we might alienate new users.


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This is just us messing

This is just us messing around. Nothing is set yet. Feel free to configure away as this is what it's for right now (basically for us to learn the ins and outs of the software). We may avoid splash pages since we're getting away from just the issue format to an article release as ready and then issue in some format. However, likely when we officially launch this site, it will be an issue 8 with quite a few articles.
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