G4's History of the NES

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Someone was kind enough to record and post "G4 Icons: NES" to YouTube. I'm not sure how long this video will be available (I can't believe that anyone involved acquired permission for the file), so you'd better watch it while you can, either at the link or below the fold. While Bill will undoubtedly be able to point out a zillion mistakes, at least they have lots of comments from folks on-the-scene at the time, such as the president of Nintendo America--and there's also interviews with Steven Kent, game historian. There are also lots of nice shots from NES games and Robbie the Robot. While I don't much care for G4's spastic, ADD-style editing, it's an entertaining way to spend 22 minutes--though for some reason the audio sync is off by quite a margin. Nintendo fans will also want to check out 1UP's Ten Great Mario Moments, an outstanding multimedia feature all-about Mario: "It's a look at how the series' influence has triple-jumped from crusty carts to TV shows and home-made videos, speed runs to full theater productions (with Mario and Luigi duetting on the marimba)." It's a bit frightening, but it does demonstrate just how wide an impact Mario and the NES had on American gaming culture (and beyond!)


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The video was very good

The video was very good actually. While most of the points were great, I wish they were able to explain the Atari/Nintendo deal out better. The part with Tengen was not expected at all. I would never believe they would add the whole deal about Tengen in the show. This show made me want to get G4 back in the day, but today it became too mainstream.

Mat Tschirgi (not verified)
Audio synching is a common

Audio synching is a common problem on You Tube.

To solve it, wait for the clip to fully load before playing it.

Even then, sometimes the clip is out of synch. This is due to poor video remastering for YouTube (to upload things to YouTube, the video files need to be under a certain size and the topic of video remastering/optimizing is waaaay too big to cover in a comment like this)!

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