Doom RPG gives Cell Phones a Wizardryish Delight

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So I've settled into Portland, OR quite nicely and one of the first things I do is get a hell of a deal on a Motorola RAZR V3 Cell Phone. After fiddling with the customs settings and downloading a custom ringtone (We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister, of course), I decided to download a cell phone game that isn't exactly new: Doom RPG.

To my utter shock, it turns out to work. I never thought crossing Doom with Wizardry would end up being a fun game, but Doom RPG succeeds for the most part.

Moving through levels square by square (really old-school RPGers will know exactly what I'm talking about here) is a bit of a surreal experience. After all, wasn't Doom meant to be a rocking FPS demon blasting fest? This change in genre works well for American cell phones, which can't handle 3D graphics that well, and, let's face it-- 3D graphics do not work well on a tiny cell phone screen!

Doom RPG's deliciously retro 2 1/2 engine pleased me to no end, since the original Doom was one of the first titles that got me into PC gaming; I might have played Wolfenstein 3D first, but Doom showed a whole generation of gamers what wonders the FPS genre could hold.

**** SPOILERS ************

While I've only played through the first level, here are a few amusing notes:

-- Talking to NPCs in a Doom game feels strange. I know they did this in Doom 3, but a Doom game is never about plot. Still, I appreciate the effort.

-- Having weapon such as a Fire Extinguisher and an Axe to destroy fires and knock out busted doors adds a nice puzzle element

-- The password based puzzle is a good bit more annoying, but you can switch to the Map fairly easily to get your surroundings. It would have been easier if you could view the map while walking around, but perhaps for the sequel.

-- Fighting the demons with the turn-based engine is arguably scarier than with the original FPS action engine; as you see the Imps approaching from a distance lobbing a fireball at you, you realize you can't do anything but take the hit until your turn shows up, adding a different sort of fear to the mix.

-- The gibs are still are ludicrous as ever.

Anyone else play this game? :)


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Since it's almost a month later, I'm guessing that's a no.

No love.

DOOM RPG! I have no use for a cell phone! Please come out on a platform I can justify owning! Please!

(And if you come over, bring Orcs and Elves with you. She's slammin'. Like Diego's sister. :)

Mat Tschirgi (not verified)
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Yeah, no comments on my Doom RPG post. :(

Except for yours, brn. ;)

I've heard Orcs and Elves is quite good, but haven't played it. My cell phone can't run it either.

I do remember Carmack mentioning in an interview that cell phones are a good market to do low budget games and to try and start a franchise with, so maybe we'll get Orcs and Elves for a handheld system one day. :)

You would think with the DS having 2 screens, they would port some of the classic CRPGs to the handheld and have the second screen to use for stats or a dynamic map, something games like Wizardry or Might and Magic never had in the first place! ;)

-- Mat

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I would think that, Mat. :) But then, I would have thought Battlefield 2 or World of Warcraft would support keeping a map or inventory or something useful on a second monitor, too.

But back to the subject of games that don't get love because of their platform, I'm really hoping GBA games show up in the Wii virtual console. Gunstar Super Heroes, Metroid Fusion, Advance Wars, and Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap are all games I would happily part with $5-$10 dollars to play. Then again, maybe I should stop being such a cheapass and just buy a DS. :)


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