PSX Light Gun Help!

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I just purchase the Lethal Enforcers 1 + 2 Pack and Area 51 for the PSX. I need a good light gun for both games that's good and doesn't cost a lot of money. I can't use the GunCon for these games since both games are not compatable with it. I'm trying to find the Konami's Justifier gun for the PSX without any luck. So, I need to buy a very good 3rd party light gun that's very good and doesn't break the bank.

Can anyone tell me what's a good light gun to buy in the US (I need two light guns)?

mrCustard told me these tips about purchasing a light gun:

- the trigger shouldn't have sharp egdes (some guns are REALLY
uncomfortable to play with because of this)
- the guns isn't to big or too small for your hands.
- the cable is long enough and not too heavy. Wireless light guns are an
options, but wireless PSX guns tend to be a bit cluncky

If you guys can help me out then thanks!