Good Entry Level Mac Laptop?

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Mark Vergeer
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An Intel MacBook or G5 macintosh notebook should be fine

An Intel MacBook or G5 macintosh notebook should be fine. Make sure to go for x86 intel if you need Bootcamp! That won't work on older macintosh PPC based machines. If you buy 2nd hand, be sure things like keyboard, LCD and drives are functioning properly. Resistance of LCD-Lid movement is proper and not too loose. Escpecially important on 2nd hand notebook is the battery, make sure they put a new one in. Also important is the wear and tear on the fan system.
When you buy an intel notebook nothing can go wrong really, especially when you buy one new.
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Mat Tschirgi (not verified)
This afternoon I am stopping

This afternoon I am stopping by Mac Force, a great local Mac Mecca of sorts.

I should be able to work with them and cut a good deal; since they also offer free Mac tech classes (not all are free, but all are affordable), I want to start teaching Game Design to start a grassroots indie game movement here. Portland is very conducive to that; Bootcamp allows me to develop micro indie games for both platforms on one machine.

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Bill Loguidice
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Refurb Mac's

Don't forget to look into the refurb Mac's direct from Apple. You can save a few hundred bucks and it's as good as new. Interestingly, my company has a discount program with various companies, including Apple, but Apple doesn't give large discounts anyway.

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