ColecoNation #9 Released

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Zaxxon (1982, Sega, Arcade Version)Zaxxon (1982, Sega, Arcade Version)The ninth edition of the ColecoNation Web magazine has just been released.

The newest issue of ColecoNation is hot off the press.
You can check out issue #9 now at

Inside this month's issue you'll find:
+ Interview with Paul Jaquays (worked in Game Design at Coleco from 1980 to 1985)
+ Review of Deflektor Kollection
+ Pac-Man Collection article by Eduardo Mello
+ Reviews of Midwest Gaming Classic, Zaxxon, and Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of
+ The latest ColecoVision news

Check it out at
+ Nathan


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Another good issue with

Another good issue with great historical info. If you are a Coleco fan (like me), you really need to check this out.

Bill Loguidice
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I have been enjoying the

I have been enjoying the interviews over the past several issues and the homebrew reviews. Some of the other stuff I'm not a fan of, but I greatly appreciate the focus on the ColecoVision and a little bit on Adam. I'm a huge fan of those systems. I know they also have been contributing some stuff to Video Game Collector magazine of late just like I've been.

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