What's wrong with the game industry?

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The BBC has a small report about how the modern game industry is burning out talent. Of course, this is something we've all heard before, particularly surrounding the EASPOUSE public relations nightmare EA suffered back in 04. They actually followed up on EASPOUSE, who has now changed her tune about EA.

Apparently, not everyone agrees with EA that things have gotten better. One UK developer had this to say:

"The industry can take young, green people, put them through the mill and spit them out."

We're still taking unpaid overtime and 7 day work weeks. Ouch! However, the BBC actually talked to EASPOUSE (Erin Hoffman), who is now claiming that everything is rosy over at EA:

"People there are very happy now. They are still producing games on time and getting good reviews."

Hmm... My B.S. detector is going "bleep bleep" big time. I wonder how much EA had to pay to bribe Hoffman?