RadioShack and the Origins of PC Gaming

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Someone calling himself "DeadDrPhibes" has a great post up at The Older Gamers Paradise called The Birth of PC Gaming. The author takes us on a little tour of the earliest days of home PCs and gaming, starting with furniture-sized monstrosities and ending up with the Apple Mac and the Windows PC. He strikes me as a died-in-the-wall TRS-80 man, and spends good time discussing Radio Shack and Texas Instruments' entries in the home computing market (the CoCo, and so on). It's a fun read, even if it seems to be drafted mostly from the author's own experiences and memories. At any rate, it's nice to see a history like this from this perspective, since most "history-lite" like this I've read has focused mostly on the Apple, Commodore, or IBM. Now all I'm waiting for is a great feature on the Atari line of home computers.

If you've got a little extra time, check out the first issue of GamePro Magazine via Racketboy.


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The article was OK, but had

The article was OK, but had a few serious errors (factual and grammatical) and oversimplifications. For instance, stating that "Radio Shack introduced the first TRS-80 in 1971." is off by six years (it was 1977, along with the Apple II and the Commodore PET).

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Well, we can't hold everyone

Well, we can't hold everyone else to Armchair Arcade standards. :-)


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