Wal-Mart Online: Better than Amazon for Games?

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Bargain Bin Diving!Bargain Bin Diving!A few days ago I was tipped that Wal-Mart's website was a hot place to shop for games and gaming gear, but I didn't believe it until a few days ago. I visited the site to check out their Games under $20 section, and also got a look at their even cheaper PC Games. Within a few minutes of browsing the site, I decided to purchase two games: Black Mirror and Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon, both published by the Adventure Company (the premier publisher of graphical adventure games here in the US). I paid $20 for the game and $3.50 or so for shipping. And the package arrived the next day.

I'm still stunned at how fast the turnaround time was this package. Amazon has always taken at least two days to reach me, and sometimes longer (of course, I often buy used merchandise, so that's up to the individual seller to get the package in the mail promptly). But nothing has ever arrived the very next day--and I've even intentionally paid for next-day service only to have it show up two or even three days later.

In short, I'm impressed enough with this to actually start buying more of my games from Wal-Mart's website. Although their in-store selection here is rather dismal, they have tons of games I like on their website, and $3.50 is a fair price (in my opinion) for not having to actually visit that mecca of redneck mercantiles in person. :-) I had the pleasure last year of reading The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman, which talks all about Wal-Mart's incredible delivery and supply system (and also UPS's.) It's really amazing how efficient their combined systems have become...!


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Thanks for the tip

That is incredible to get the package in one day. I'm going to check out the site. You're right about the in-store lack of gaming merchandise and what they have seems to be just sort of thrown on the shelves and not arranged logically. But, what am I saying...it IS Wal-Mart.

I know this is not relevant, but have any of you experienced writing checks at Wal-Mart recently? They give you your check back now. It threw me for a loop last weekend...they said it was a new thing and that alot of retailers would be doing it soon. You had to sign a receipt and they hand you back the check you just wrote.



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