Last winter a very interesting PSP title was release in Japan with the name "Baito Hell 2000." It's a collection of very odd mini-games which if you completed correctly you "earn" money. With the money you "earned" you're able to unlock more mini-games and real life tools such as a Ramen timer. From looking at the weird mini-games a chance to bring Baito Hell 2000 to the US was slim. Now D3 Publishing of America is bringing the title to the US as "WTF." WTF actually means "WorkTimeFun," and the title fits with the theme very well. ;) According to D3 Publishing of America, noting from American version of WTF will be removed (in other words D3 is only translating the game to English, noting else).

Do you love weird Japanese games because they are just weird? Well, WTF might be the title you're looking for.

WTF PSP dated (Gamespot)