Classic Computer Magazine Archive - 10th Anniversary

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It looks like the invaluable online magazine resource, Classic Computer Magazine Archive is celebrating it's amazing 10th anniversary by releasing a ton of new content for public consumption.

From Kevin Savetz:

July 27 will be the 10th anniversary of the Classic Computer Magazine
Archive ( In celebration, today we're announcing
that the site now offers the full text of 19 issues of ST-Log Magazine.
This includes more than 600 articles and a gallery of the magazine's

ST-Log was devoted to Atari's 16-bit ST line of computers. It began as an
insert in ANALOG Computing magazine in 1986. It spun off as a separate
magazine for about three years, before being folded back into ANALOG again
in 1989. ANALOG and ST-Log were sold to Larry Flynt Publishing in 1988.
This Classic Computer Magazine Archive has permission to share the 19
issues published by L.F.P., from April 1988 until ST-Log ceased
publication in 1989.

In addition, recently added a cover image gallery for
Compute! magazine, with a nearly complete collection of covers from 1980
through 1988. (The site offers the full text of nearly 100 issues of

The site launched July 27, 1996 as "The Digital Antic Project" with the
full text of two issues of Antic magazine. The site was later renamed to
The Classic Computer Magazine Archive and added articles from STart,
Creative ?Computing, Compute II, Hi-Res, Creative Computing Video &
?Arcade Games Magazine, and Tandy Whiz Kids comic books.


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