More "Control Issues" and PC vs. Console Gaming

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Nintendo Wii Controller: Wait until you see the foot pedals.Nintendo Wii Controller: Wait until you see the foot pedals.There's been a great deal of buzz this week about controllers, probably (methinks) inspired by Nintendo's innovations with the Wii. Retroblast has a piece up about Roberto Duran, a maker of awesome custom controllers for very serious gamers. $500 "stikz", anyone? If Duran's work is artistic and highly prized, check out this crap from Elecom. Is this supposed to be an NES-style controller for nostalgia's sake, or a gag gift for Christmas? You'd probably be better off recycling your soon-to-be-worthless dual-shocks for PC play for only $11.

$11 is probably all you'll want to spend on your PC, because we may be losing out to consoles. Why? Because a $900 PC can't do nearly what a Xbox360 can. This obviously has folks like the Unreal Tournament boys upset, and they're blaming Intel for holding back the PC gaming industry, but perhaps we're nearing another "Commodore 64" era, where the boundaries between console and computer are harder to distinguish. Of course, you could also put those savings into a high-tech pair of rabbit ears and blow off videogames for good. Yeah, right!

Finally, I have two hilarious videos for you. The first is a very short video called Goomba in Role Reversal, where a Goomba finally owns Mario. If you've got more time, I highly recommend this videogame hoax that was mentioned on Opposable Thumbs. I don't want to spoil too much of it, but if you've got any interest whatsoever in commercial game development, you don't want to miss this. I was laughing so hard I nearly fell out of my chair: "I have gasoline, but no orb." I'm sure you'll bust a gut, too.


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I looked at the guys sticks before, when I was out looking for an acrade stick. They are great pieces of work. Especially his low profile sticks are nice. It fair to say his sticks are the nicest custom sticks available.

Ultimately i went for for a Hori Real Arcade Pro, though, because a) it was cheaper (shipping costs and import fees it still costed me around $160) and b) I don't particularly like the perspex top Roberto's stick have. Metal or laminate is less sticky when top gets a bit sweaty.

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