Pole Position will leave SKID MARKS on your SOUL!

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"It'll bust your crank...and leave skid marks on your soul!" Oooohh...Shiver. And let's not ignore the bustin' on the corporate execs--the Hannibals at the gate of the Ancient Atari republic. "You're going to play POLE POSITION!" What the heck am I raving about? This classic Pole Position TV commercial of course. The entire commercial is classic vintage 80s, right down to the hair metal-esque theme. You can click the link or see the YouTube here after the jump. For more kicks--The Cult of Leia's Golden Bikini. The belly dance is definitely worth it.


Bill Loguidice
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I remember that commercial!

I remember that commercial! It actually was a superb translation for the VCS 2600 and I had lots of fun with it. I don't have nearly as much fun with Pole Position today as I do many other classic games, as I feel the driving genre has actually advanced positively as opposed to some other game types. Still, fond memories indeed...

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