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Asteroids--Well, SortaAsteroids--Well, SortaHoly Asteroids! Head over to cogames right now to play Multiplayer Asteroids! Yes! It's about time folks starting exploiting the multiplayer potential of Flash games (Perhaps I will set my sights on this kind of niche soon). I couldn't manage to survive more than a few minutes with this game, but thankfully, respawning is fast and easy. Also, this game is perhaps poorly named--I didn't see any asteroids. It's more like the original game, Space War!, albeit without a sun. There are some power-ups available, though--try to get the dual laser cannons for increased firepower.


Bill Loguidice
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Even though it has some

Even though it has some gameplay deficiencies, more of this type of quick in and out multiplayer experience is needed on the Web. Great stuff and a great way to interact with others. I'd love to see something like this at Armchair Arcade, where I know our single player offerings are big hits.

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Matt Barton
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Yes, I agree. Even though

Yes, I agree. Even though this game is rather simple, it does demonstrate the possibilities of the medium. Wouldn't it be fun to have an online multiplayer version of Scorched Tanks? Or perhaps Joust? The possibilities are really endless, particularly when you're dealing with 8-bit games. My guess is a turn-based game would probably work best, since the updates wouldn't be so frequent.

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Worth a go but not much more.
I wonder way back what I would have thought of this.


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