Moving to Portland, OR

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Just was thinking the readers of the site might be interested to know that I'm moving to Portland, Oregon in the next few weeks, which is one of the many things keeping me a bit busy of late. I've only visited Portland once, but enjoy its mass transit system and atmosphere.

Any thoughts from people who have visited it?

Mat Tschirgi (not verified)
The main reason for the

The main reason for the Portland move is that the money will be better and there are more art jobs in the area, not to mention an actual artistic community. I have an uncle that lives out there whom I get along with pretty well and public transportation is such that I won't need a car. Being located on the west coast will also make the inevitable move to either CA, WA, TX, or Canada a bit easier.

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Portland is the retirement capital of the world....

...great lakes, hunting...the only issue there is no football team!!!

Matt Barton
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Moving to Portland? First

Moving to Portland? First time I've heard of this! What's going on?

Mark Vergeer
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Been there once during my travels

I have been there once quite a long time ago during my travels (might have been as long back as '98). Anyways, loved the area. Nice weather, great out doors.
So what is taking you to Oregon? New adventure? A new job? Quite different from your current habitat. Aren't you going to miss your friends and family?
Cheers, Mark
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