Apple II News and Notes for June 2006

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A2 News and Notes June, 2006

* Cloning Around
* What's My Spec?
* Old Parts, New Owner
* Software Copyright
* Programming For The Masses
* Understanding Apple
* Online Group Kill
* VGA Support
* Color Our World
* KFest
* Software News
* Emulation News
* SignOff

-- Another attempt to clone the Apple II has surfaced, this time out of
France. This particular project is a portable, clone of the Apple 2,
able to run Apple 2 software. The site is in French, so go to and input this website:

-- Retrocomputing has several homes on the Internet, but few places have
both technical specifications and manuals for older computers like the
Apple II. For users who are picking up machines with interface cards or
programs with no documentation, finding out how to set a switch or
configure a game can be problematic. One website, however, has some of this information available, as well
as technical specifications on that Apple //c+ you just scored at the
garage sale.

-- One of the oldest names in the Apple II mail order business has a new
owner. Shreve Systems, ( whose website still
shows some Apple II systems and accessories for sale as of the date of
this writing, has been sold to Cherokee Data Systems. No word if CDS
plans on keeping Shreve System's current Apple II inventory available.

-- Apple II users know that legally, a lot of software for our computers
is no longer available. Attempts from groups like the Lost Classics
Project have reclassified several titles from commercial to freeware
status, but for quite a few programs, tracking down the copyright holder
is impossible to do. An attempt to rewrite the U.S. Copyright laws has
been started which would allow use of programs "abandoned" by their
owners. The Carnegie Mellon University libraries are involved with this
process, and more information can be found at:

-- Have you always felt that you're up to the challenge of programming
for the Apple II? Have you been itching to produce the next great game or
utility for the rest of us? Well, here's your chance! Call-A.P.P.L.E has
announced their 2006 contest for individual programmers. First place
prize is a CompactFlash for Apple II card, and $100 in cash. Information
and rules for the contest can be found at:

-- Call-A.P.P.L.E has also announced the release of the book
"Understanding the Apple II" as a free downloadable PDF. If you've been
interested in the inner workings of your favorite computer, point your
graphic browser to to access the file.
(Note that you must register with the group to be able to access this

-- Apple II users who have access to the Internet either remember or
still use the Web's version of a BBS, called the Usenet. Several Apple II
areas are still active, such as comp.sys.apple2 or
comp.sys.apple2.programmer, but some lists have fallen into disuse, or
have been reported as being abused, such as being used to post illegal
copies of software, or even commercial movies. The Big-8 Management
Board, which oversees Usenet usage and activity has announced plans to
hold "hearings" and remove two Apple II groups: comp.sources.apple2 and

-- Work continues towards the goal of using an Apple II with more modern
LCD monitors. One attempt, highlights a work-in-progress showing
different Apple II programs on a Samsung LCD television, and outlines the
steps that were involved in getting these images displayed. (change the
"1.jpg up to 8.jpg for additional images)

-- Apple II users have been told for years that they had to "settle" for
16 colors as all that our equipment could generate. Brendan Robert
wondered if there was a way to break thru this limitation, and has
announced success. See his results at:

-- One month to go! KFest 2006 is currently in the process of taking
reservations for this year's event. This not-to-be-missed Apple II event
will take place this year at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, KS from
July 18-23. More information, including a registration form can be found

--Software News

- Work continues on the Apple GameServer, a Java-based program which
allows the user to send Apple II games directly to an apple // computer
via the serial port, with no need for transferring to a disk. If you'd
like to try the program for yourself, you can download Windows .zip files

- Andy McFadden and Faddensoft Software has released a new version, 2.4.1
of his popular CiderPress software, which allows a user to manipulate
Apple II software on a Window-based computer. This current version
contains bugfixes but no new features. More information as well as
download instructions can be found at:

--Emulation News

- Virtual ][ by Gerard Putter which emulates an 8-bit Apple II under Mac
OS X has been updated to Version 5.3. This new version contains some bug
fixes, and now supports the ability to run AppleScripts on a Mac running
OS X. More information can be found at:

- In the pre-Mac OS X days, one of the more popular IIGS emulation
packages was Eric Shepherd's Sweet16, which was written to run under the
BeOS operating system. With the demise of BeOS, Eric stopped development
of the program, but has announced that he is in the process of re-writing
the emulator to run under Mac OS X. He announced that he plans on having
the "new" emulator ready for distribution at next month's KFest.

- Apple II emulators abound, but that other orphan of Apple Computers,
the Apple ///, have been few and far between. Now a new,
free-for-the-download emulator which will run on a Mac is available, from Note that you will need
a ROM image of the /// in order to legally run this
still-under-construction program.

- Is your cellphone MIDP 2.0 compatible? And have you been wanting to
run Apple II software on said cellphone? Then check out Apple][Go, which
the website claims is a fully functional Apple II emulator. Information
can be found at:

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