Any C++ Programmers out there?

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Hello Matt,

String parsing in C/C++ isn't the easiest thing in the world until you've done it over and over again. :)

I'm not sure how you're handling your I/O, so I can't speak to what you're experiencing exactly right now. It sounds like how you're parsing the input your software is looking for a character, and thus you're ending up with four inputs for someone writing "WEST".

Please add detail and I'd be happy to help you out. I've been writing C and C++ for...well, just under half my life now and have done tons of I/O stuff.


Mark Vergeer
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nope not proficient

Just know a little C and Java/Javascript.
Asm (CBM, Amiga), Basic (CBM, Quick, Visual), Pascal (Turbo) are my main programming languages

-= Mark Vergeer - Armchair Arcade editor =-


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