Installing Android 4.4.2 R1 Kitkat (x86) on my Intel Netbook Natively (Part 1 on x86 Android)

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In this article I install the Android 4.4 Kitkat x86 release on my Akoya M1222 netbook as Windows 7 Starter Edition wasn't really working smoothly on this machine. I did use Ubuntu on it very successfully but with the new X86 Android release I just had to try it. Check out the video to see how I did.
It supports all my hardware out of the box and it fully supports the Google Playstore out of the box! [Read more] below to find out where to obtain x86 Android and information on how to install it.

Where can you find x86 Android?

Want to install?

- Download the latest Android-x86 ISO file see link in description of video
- USB flash drive or a bootable CD/DVD drive
- Ensure there is sufficiently free hard disk space on the computer/laptop on which you want to install Android-x86 OS. Bascially free unpartition space that you can select from the installer

I either a tool to make a bootable Linux USB stick or burn the ISO to a CD and boot from that. for example is a tool you can use. Or

Then boot your computer and follow the instructions like I did in the video.
Select ext2 as file format for the drive that seems to work best and easiest. Do opt to use the Grub loader - it will even make your system multi boot if there's a partition with Windows on it. But installing a OS next to an existing OS does risk you loosing your data or the ability to boot into windows so that's something you should take into account.