Reviewing items from the red (fragile) parcel from The Retro Computer Shack

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I got a nice bright red 'Fragile' in the mail. It contained some things I ordered and actually quite a few extra items. It was sent to me by Ian Priddey the owner of Retro Computer Shack, he specializes in supplying high quality retro computer and console products, he also custom builds video leads. [Read more]

In this video I review two of the extra free items I got. A data cable for the 1541 Ultimate II Commodore Solid State Storage Solution and an Active C-Sync Scart RGB lead that removes the jail-bar effect on Sega Megadrive/Genesis consoles. Go check it out. Mind you this video is a personal recommendation and shout-out to Ian.

If you want to check out Ian's webshops, you can find them here:


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I have several cables from

I have several cables from them (mostly SCART connectors). They make good stuff.


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