GameMID & Tek807d Update and a Preview of the "Archos Gamepad 2 vs GameMID" video

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I got a nice cobalt blue version of the GameMID to test out a new firmware that enables the device to store and install applications onto the SD card as if it was the internal memory. It's best to use class 10 SD cards for it though. This makes it possible to install quite a few large games on the unit that would not have fit in the standard 8Gb internal memory the unit comes with. Very nice that a company itself is doing these software improvements so that no third party software is needed.

I also obtained an Archos Gamepad 2 and I want to put it through its paces as well. I want to see which of the two comes out tops. Hardware-wise the Archos Gamepad 2 should be faster, but is it?

The video also includes a little sample of the Archos Gamepad 2 vs GameMID video I am working on. If you have any suggestions for the video, please leave a comment below and I'll see if I can stick it in.

I believe Bill Loguidice also received a review copy of the GameMID and am curious of his findings.


Bill Loguidice
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I do have the GameMID and am

I do have the GameMID and am looking forward to the upgraded firmware. My point of comparison is the Nvidia Shield. Considering the price disparity, so far the GameMID does a great job in comparison. If this external SD card thing works properly, it would be a nice advantage in the GameMID's corner.

Junkmale (not verified)

Would it not be better to compare with the JXDS7800B? (if you have one :-))
It's specs are really more comparable to the others.
The 7300 is an older model now.

Mark Vergeer
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don't have access to the newer JXD machine - sorry

To answer 'Junkmale' sadly I don't have access to a newer JXD machine, sorry about that. I can and probably will compare it to my Nexus 7 2012 model which sports a Tegra 3 chipset and others. I'll do some sythetic benchmarks as well as side by side comparisons. Sadly I can only compare it with systems I own.

Rob Daviau
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Go home ARCHOS you're drunk! ;)

Mark Vergeer
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Rob, well I've been trying out the same games and emulators on both machines and even though the Archos Gamepad 2 has 4 cores in the CPU and 4 cores in the GPU and 2Gb of RAM it is quite a bit slower in a lot of the games than the GameMID and even the JXD7300B. I think Archos made some bad decisions when it comes to memory bandwidth - 2Gb with a lower memory bandwidth appears to be resulting in a slower machine with 1Gb and only 2 cores in the CPU. Interesting!

The PPSSPP Emulator runs Ridge Racer for PSP pretty much full speed on the GameMID but just crawls along at HALF THE SPEED (!!!???) with the exact same settings on the Archos Gamepad 2. Why? Unoptimized software on the hardware. I'm going to check if there's a system update to the Archos Gamepad 2 because I believe the hardware is definitely let down by the software here.


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