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I was interviewed for a computer collecting feature for The Wall Street Journal several months back, and the piece finally hit both the newspaper and online today. While neither of my two contributed photos made it in (which I've included below) due in part to a slight change in direction of the piece, several of my quotes still made it in. While I wish the piece was a bit longer (as I thought originally planned), I'm still heartened by the positive coverage this segment of our industry has gotten in a quality publication. Check it out online here. Photos below:

One of my APF Imagination Machine (with APF M1000 console) setups. I had contributed the photo to point out some of the unusual pieces of hardware that collector's covet. The APF M1000/MP1000 was the first console that could be turned into what we think of as a traditional computer system.

My Magnavox Odyssey, the first home videogame console. My original impression was that the piece had a bit of a broader scope beyond just computers, so I thought this would be a good example to include.


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How it looks in the paper:

How it looks in the paper:


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