Where the Customer is Always Gullible: GameStop (+ Amazing Ping Pong)

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Fight the Power.Fight the Power.I've got some fun stuff to put on your queue this morning. First, read this story about a mangled high-pressure sales tactic at a Louisiana GameStop (did you know I was from Louisiana?). Sadly, I've encountered "porcine" salesmen like this at plenty of other software stores, including Best Buy and Circuit City ("No, I do NOT want a mega-extended super warranty or a free subscription to Better Homes and Gardens.") Come to think of it, Radio Shack is pretty bad about the high-pressure stuff, too. They need my mailing address why? When's the last time you had a "helpful associate" try to load you up with overpriced junk? Worse yet, how many times have you let your excitement over a purchase swing you into actually complying with his or her evil wishes?

About the worst case I can remember occurred at a clothing store, where a very helpful lady with a charisma score of 18+ talked me into buying an expensive shirt I have never worn. Darnit.

Have I mentioned lately that I love Digg? You can always find great stuff on there to wile away those long summer hours. Today I found all manner of stuff, including these amazing ping pong ball tricks. Aren't those awesome? I can't wait to get a ping pong ball and start richocheting them off walls into plastic cups. Another cool clip is this clip of an exploding fireworks factory. Witness the carnage! One thing I noticed is that the cameraman gets knocked off his feet when the pressure wave from the blast hits him. That's something that tends to get missed in games featuring big explosions like this.


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"Suggestive Selling" is why I hate Working Retail

I've been working retail for about 6 years now. I hate it and hopefully my current retail job (at a used DVD store) will be my last, but the trend that started creeping into retail stores more and more is the idiotic notion known as "Suggestive Selling"-- the topic of the RE 4 Horror Story Matt linked to above. It's basically trying to sell customers as many extras as possible.

Whenever I work a retail job, my stats for "Suggestive Selling" are always rather low because I am opposed to it on a moral job. If we aren't busy and I'm with a customer who is a frequent customer, I'll mention that they can reserve movies for a $5 deposit, but I don't ram it down their throats like a hyper viking with a battering ram.

What's even worse is a lot of retail stores will write up employees if they don't meet their "goals" for Suggestive Selling whatever product they have to pimp for the week, whether it be an extended contract or satellite TV system. As a customer at a retail store, I don't like having deals shoved down my throat constantly.


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I can't stand it either.

I can't stand it either. Best Buy is one of the worst offenders. They just won't let you out of the store without hitting you up for cash like a bum. It really ruins my "Best Buy" experience, and if I know I can get the same product at Target or Sam's, I definitely will.

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I've had a different experience...

I haven't had the experience of suggestive selling as most times if I'm in an "extended warranty" situation I'll know beforehand if I'm going to purchase it or not. As far as gaming goes, I've been in all the different stores, from the Best Buy's to GameStop to EB, and my issue is the "lack of knowledge" the people have that work in the store. I feel bad for some of them because you know they're not experts, however, in an EB or GameStop you'd think they'd know "something" about the games and systems they sell. I went into a veriety of stores yesterday with the mission of buying a year's subscription to Xbox Live and a headset. All I could find were Xbox Live and headsets for 360's. So, I asked the different game section folks if it would work on my Xbox. All of them had different answers, which I figured, and I had to end up reading the back of the cards myself to figure it out.

The last store I went into was Target and I brought in my DS Lite to check out the demo's. First mistake. After figuring out the Xbox Live/headset deal I powered up the DS and started downloading demo's. After a couple minutes the game section person came through and asked me what I was doing. I explained and she said I now had to buy the DS Lite as I had removed it from it's teather. I told her it was "my" DS and that I was downloading demo's but I guess she still didn't believe me. She ended up calling the manager and I had to prove to them that the DS was "mine". Target will not be on my "go-to" list for shopping for awhile!!!


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