Really upset (GTA5).

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First of all, I can see the situation from the shareholders perspective;

'We've invested money into the game, we want a return & quick.'
So, what do they do? Release it for consoles first before PC release.

I am not a fan boy of either consoles of PC. Both of them can suck really bad sometimes, but I MUST refute the whole idea.
Games are created on PCs. Consoles are kind of like those women on the side of the street who perform 'tricks' for cash; Play them, leave them.
PCs are like a wife you've always wanted. Troubled, yet nice, and you can create things with them.

I swear, to the public, that I will not release a game on 1 system but not the other. The people are what's important. It's an illusion that they will get more profit from selling the console version 1st. The hype has been going on for at least a year.

The current trend will continue to exist, until people actually wake up & realize that we're our own worst enemy. Pirates have scared developers.. & yes console games can be copied, but it's much harder. So obviously, their idea was to create a system which they get a profit from within the first 4 months at least. But it's lame, and it really sends a message. 'Pirates hurt us, so we'll hurt everyone.' Silly.

AAA developers have done this same thing for ages. It's not going to stop, just don't be surprised when everything sucks.
Not buying Battlefield 4 until it's 10$ because DICE did their own crappy plan. Make a clone of Bad Company with a new engine & no commander & nurf the rules whenever they want. Plus people don't know how to play. I guess some people just expect a COD clone.