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Berzerk from Stern Electronics (Arcade, 1982): Hopefully when the robots really do try to take over, we'll be able to move and shoot at the same timeBerzerk from Stern Electronics (Arcade, 1982): Hopefully when the robots really do try to take over, we'll be able to move and shoot at the same timeBoy, the robot information seems to keep coming. Soon enough, we'll all have robot overlords to serve. In any case, for now, check out this newsletter update from RobotBooks.com, with lots of interesting new and compiled information for enthusiasts of computers, robots and technology:

RobotBooks.com Newsletter – June 29, 2006
Robot Kits, Robot Books, Robot Toys


1. New Magazine: ROBOT

2. New Robot Kit: Mechamo Centipede

3. New Book: Robot Builder's Bonanza – 3rd Edition

4. New Magazine: MAKE: Technology on Your Time

5. New Robot Kit: Sound Reversing Robot Car Kit

6. BattleKits – Heavy Duty Robot Kits

1) New Magazine: ROBOT

ROBOT is a unique publication that offers the "how to do it" for the robot
enthusiast and robot hobbyist, as well as the "what's going on" in the
expanding world of robotics for the interested layperson or technical
professional. It offer parents, teachers and kids guidance on using and
playing with the new generation of consumer, toy and hobby robot products
that serve as educational tools and recreational fun.

ROBOT features:

* Latest robot toys and how to best use and develop them.

* Lego Mindstorm and VEX kit projects and competitions

* FIRST competitions (1,000 teams, 24,000+ students)

* NASA robots such as the Martian Rovers

* Consumer robots (vacuum cleaners, talking dolls, and computerized

* Fighting robots as seen on TV programs

* Virtual robots that simulate evolution or that appear in PC and console

* Medical robots

* Science project robots

* Latest advances in artificial intelligence

* Industrial and military robots

Visit http://www.robotbooks.com/magazines.htm to see this magazine.

2) New Robot Kit: Mechamo Centipede

Gakken's Mechamo kits are more complex than kits intended for younger
hobbyists (though of course with adult supervision, there's no reason a
bright youngster can't put them together). This metal centipede comes with
everything you'll need to build it.

This is a very hard to find robotic kit from Japan.

This is a great kit!

Ages 15 and Up
Clear Illustrated Directions - For Intermediate Builders
No Soldering Required
Tools Required: None (Included)
6 AA Batteries not included

Visit http://www.robotbooks.com/robot-kits.htm to see this kit.

3) New Book: Robot Builder’s Bonanza – 3rd Edition

The best selling hobby robotics books is now bigger and better than ever!
Thousands of robot hobbyists -- and robots -- grew up on the first two
editions on this book. Now Gordon McComb has partnered with fellow
robotics enthusiast Myke Predko -- and together they've made this classic
guide to building your very own robot more awesome than ever. Inside Robot
Builder's Bonanza you'll find detailed plans for constructing robots that
walk, see, feel, talk, listen, think -- and more!

Best of all, this book will make you want to build a robot -- and show you
how you can! Packed with enthusiasm, fascinating science tidbits,
field-tested projects, and modular organization to make it easy to invent
and build your own designs, this best-seller puts it all together for
anyone with the slightest curiosity about this fascinating hobby. Projects
vary in complexity so everyone from novices to advanced hobbyists will
find something to inspire and advance robot plans.

Follow a plan or create your own design

Robot Basics
Parts and Tools
Practical Robotics Projects
Money-Saving Hacks
Construction Techniques: Plastic, Wood, & Metal
Computer and Electronic Control
Power, Motors, and Locomotion
Sensors and Navigation
Robot Programming
Tips, Tricks, and Tidbits
Avoiding Common Mistakes
List of Sources for Parts and Ideas

NEW to the Third Edition:

30 Completely New Projects!
Hundreds of Helpful New Illustrations
Customizability Added to Every Project
More Materials and Tools You Can Use to Build Your Robots
State-of-the-Art Advances
More Help with Microcontrollers for the Beginner
Developments in Remote Control
Advanced Locomotion
Information to Turn Toys into Automatons
High-Tech Sensors
Suggestions for Robotics Competitions and Competing
75% Fewer Bad Jokes

Visit http://www.robotbooks.com/beginners_robot_books.htm to see this

4) New Magazine: MAKE: Technology on Your Time

Make: Technology on Your Time is a hybrid of a magazine and a book. It's a
magazine, but not a typical one.

If you like to tweak, disassemble, re-create, and invent cool new uses for
technology, you'll love MAKE the new quarterly publication for the
inquisitive do-it-yourselfer. Every issue is packed with projects to help
you make the most of all the technology in your life. Everything from home
entertainment systems, to laptops, to robots is fair game. If there's a
way to hack it, tweak it, bend it, or remix it, you will find out about it
in MAKE.

This isn't another gadget magazine. MAKE focuses on cool things you can do
to make technology work the way you want it to. The publication is
inspired by the bestselling Hacks series of books but with a twist.

Whether you're a geek or hacker who delights in creating new uses for
technology, or a Saturday afternoon tinkerer who loves to get his hands
dirty, you'll keep every issue of MAKE on your bookshelf for years to
come. Each issue includes 224 pages packed with tips and tricks,

* How to turn a VCR into a pet feeding robot
* How to make a see-through potato cannon
* Extreme bot builders at home
* How to decipher the magnetic stripe on your credit card to find out what
your credit card company really knows about you
* How to build a light-seeking robot from an old mouse

Every quarter, MAKE features a unique set of innovative ideas and
creations for a variety of new technologies, including mobile devices,
in-car computers, web services, digital media, wireless and home
networking, and computer hardware.

The magazine has a homemade yet professional feel. The photos give the
impression they're taken by average people and not photographers, but
they're good quality and complement the articles. Even if you don't have
time to create things, you will find it an engrossing read thanks to the
personable writing and easy to follow instructions.

Back issues also available!

Visit http://www.robotbooks.com/magazines.htm to see this magazine.

5) New Robot Kit: Sound Reversing Robot Car Kit

This Robotic Car is a great introduction to soldering as well as the
basics of sound control and mechanical motion. The car has a microphone
that feeds noise to the control circuitry. When a loud enough sound (like
a clap) is heard it will cause the car to stop moving forward and reverse
itself turning slightly left for a few seconds. Then the car will resume
forward motion in a different direction. You can adjust the circuit
sensitivity so that very soft or very loud noises will reverse the motion.
Learn motor theory, transistor switching and R/C time constant circuits.


Power: 2 AA batteries (not included)
Includes sound activated circuit
Circuit board requires solder assembly
Requires basic hand tools and soldering equipment

6) BattleKits – Heavy Duty Robot Kits

If you have not seen the BattleKits line of heavy duty robots yet, we
invite you to take a look at

In addition to four different sizes of robot kits, we offer Modular Drive
Units, motors, motor controllers, wheels, and several other robotics

http://www.RobotBooks.com http://www.BattleKits.com http://www.AmpFlow.com


Bill Loguidice
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A Look at the new Lego Mindstorms NXT

I have the original, "old-fashioned" Mindstorms kit, but this new one sounds neat too, particularly as detailed in this account: http://arstechnica.com/reviews/hardware/mindstorms.ars/1

Bill Loguidice, Managing Director
Armchair Arcade, Inc.
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Bill Loguidice
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Joined: 12/31/1969
Full Review of the Lego Mindstorms NXT

Man, this kit looks great! It almost makes me regret having gotten the old one a few years back (I never did open the seal): http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,2016592,00.asp

Bill Loguidice, Managing Director
Armchair Arcade, Inc.
[ My collection ]
[ http://www.MythCore.com ]

Anonymous (not verified)
When calling for any

When calling for any products from an infomercial watch out for auto shipping and the clubs that come at the end of an order Auto shipping is a scam in and of it’s self I have a friend that works in the industry and he tells me the following

1. Whether it is internet or a phone sale the auto ship is explained however it is never clear. They are trained to gloss over auto ships and just meet the FCC guidelines that keep them out of court.
2. This is true only for the 800 number call operators are standing by calls STAY AWAY FROM THE FREE OFFERS AT THE END OF THE CALL (Called Clubs). They are trained to try and lull you in by using a very monotone voice and at the end of the statement saying “OK” real brightly. People they are reading you a CONTRACT and it IS binding The best way to not mess with these is as soon as they start hang up!!

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