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GameTap for PCGameTap for PCThe GameTap service is at it again, going all "vintage" this and "classic" that on us and simply requiring our undivided attention. Richard Garriott, Ultima, Origin, all things a classic gamer simply can't resist. Here's the full press release (and ignore the line "many hardcore gamers still consider Ultima 1 to be the birth of the role playing game as we know it" - Garriott's own "Akalabeth" (AKA "Ultima 0"), though primitive, would be more appropriate):

Turner Broadcasting's GameTap Celebrates 'Ultima Week'


The Ultima series is one of the longest running franchises in video game history with its first title being published in September of 1980. Today, many hardcore gamers still consider Ultimaâ„¢ 1 to be the birth of the role playing game as we know it.

To celebrate and honor this amazing series of titles, GameTap is giving serious ‘props’ by hosting ‘Ultima Week.’ As a special treat for GameTap subscribers, Ultima’s creator Richard “Lord British” Garriott will be adding his own personal touch to many of the activities taking place on GameTap including:

* A “Tapped In” documentary on Richard Garriott and the Ultima Franchise
* An exclusive tour of his castle, including a look at the bones in the basement and his crossbow collection
* Each time a subscriber loads an Ultima game, Richard will provide a personal introduction about that specific title
* The latest trailer for Tabular Rasa, the exciting new MMO game being developed by Richard Garriott and NCSoft, with an exclusive behind the scenes sneak peak at the game in development.
* Then in July, Richard will occupy the hot seat and go a round with everyone’s favorite ghost host on Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Featured Ultima Games Include:

Ultimaâ„¢ 1

Ultimaâ„¢ II - The Revenge of the Enchantress

Ultimaâ„¢ III - Exodus

Ultimaâ„¢ IV - Quest of the Avatar

Ultimaâ„¢ V - Warriors of Destiny


GameTap, the first-of-its-kind broadband entertainment network from Turner

Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS, Inc.) today announced the beginning of “Ultima Week.”

GameTap offers games-on demand plus original programming via a broadband connected PC. For $9.95 a month, GameTap subscribers enjoy more than 500 video games and 300 TV shows with new games and shows added every week.

WHEN: Week of Thursday, June 29, 2006

WHERE: www.gametap.com

If you have questions or would like to set up an interview, please contact:

Clint Bagley Misty Skedgell

415-844-6250 404-885-4396

cbagley@accesspr.com misty.skedgell@turner.com


Mat Tschirgi (not verified)
Pretty cool... I find the

Pretty cool... I find the older Ultima RPGs next to impossible to play without a walkthrough because of their obscure hints contained within, but they are fun.

Akalabeth is fun as a dungeon crawler... Ultima I had a weird spaceship action sequence near the end!

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Matt Barton
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Ultima Series

I've never played through any of the Ultima games, though I've played several games based on them. Garriot was definitely ahead of his team. I know they were pushing Ultima online pretty hard back in the 90s, but I don't know if it ever caught on.

Bill Loguidice
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Ultima Online was the first

Ultima Online was the first blockbuster MMORPG, though Meridian 59 has the distinction of being the first true one. Of course both were soon eclipsed by EverQuest, which itself and everything else was crushed by World of Warcraft.

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