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So, I found this thing called "Raptr". So far I'm really enjoying it.

It's sorta like a XBox Live style community for PC players. I discovered it because I have been playing Rift again since it went FTP. They offer rewards for certain games - in Rift's case in game items in exchange for how much time you spend in game.

I've been building my game library on my profile, and I've been surprised by just how many games they have on there. Pools of Radiance? It's there. Ultima 7? It's there too.

Anyway, it's pretty cool. I'm Bitwraith on there if you wanna add me.

RuThaN_unlogged (not verified)

I have it, too but i realy hate interface and im bored add games, to track my hours.. There are better non games how much time in app.. applications.. I now Raptr can do lot of other things, but im using it, primarly for his feature.

Bill Loguidice
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I'm on there as

I'm on there as Bill_Loguidice , though I haven't used it in quite a while...


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