Weird Al's "You're Pitiful" - Halo 2 Reference

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Bill Loguidice
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If you haven't listened to Weird Al's new song, "You're Pitiful", it's not only a clever spoof of an awful song, but also throws in some nifty "Star Trek" and "Halo 2" jabs targeting the most extremely geeky among us. Best of all, it's free on his Website:

Mat Tschirgi (not verified)
Weird Al Record Label Controversy

This parody of "You're Beautiful" is easily one of Weird Al Yankovic's stronger parodies of late and makes me hope that his next album will be better than his most recent (and mediocre) effort, Poodle Hat.

NPR even reported on the controversy on why "You're Pitiful" will not be featured on Weird Al's next album. :(

BTW, I've seen Weird Al in concert twice and he makes for a fun show, even if he doesn't always play in the best of venues.

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