Happy 30th Birthday MSX!

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The MSX computer standard has turned 30! Incredible how time just whizzes past. Popular throughout Europe, Russia, Asia and South America. And one should not forget the following in New Zealand and Australia. A lot of users are still actively using the machines.

In celebration of the 30th birthday of the MSX I acquired a new Japanese MSX2 system. It has an issue with the sound sadly - the sound comes out very very low. It's still there but at a very low volume. Probably is a capacitor problem. I will eventually try to fix that.

The Ren-Sha function turns out to be an auto-firing system.

And here's a link to my MSX video playlist if you want to check out more videos on MSX


Bill Loguidice
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That's so funny that you

That's so funny that you mention the issue with the sound. I have that exact same unit with the ultra-quiet sound. I was luckily able to get a second unit of the same type that exhibited no such issues. I wonder what it is? Something dried out or a deeper technical glitch?

Mark Vergeer
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Bill, this could be more than a coincidence. The sound issues are actually something that is quite common on the Philips machines but is supposedly not present in Sony's machines. On the Philips side of things it is a design error where specific sounds (the MSX had various ways of producing sound also through chips inside cartridges etc) aren't amplified enough. They accidentally left out some components that enhanced / amplified the sound.

I reckon the same circuit on both our Sonies (eh?) may have malfunctioned, perhaps with a capacitor drying out or leaking. I need to open up the system to see if any electrolytes corroded the traces and do some damage repair. Getting a replacement - I have quite a few other machines all non Japanese - is not an option at the moment.

Matt Barton
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Sorry to hear you're having

Sorry to hear you're having problems. I must confess I have no knowledge of these systems whatsoever.

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Hoards of these things

Hoards of these things arrived in the UK mid-80s....they were pushed as a way of standardising but the tech was just way too immature back then to settle on a standard. They appeared to be nicely built so I'm surprised to hear of build issues (although it IS 30 years later!!).

clip of a UK computer series of the time featuring a very young Bill Gates who seemed to be a fan from the software point of view.....Sir Clive Sinclair wasn't (no doubt he saw it as a huge threat as he was into hardware)


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