This could be finaly functional virtual reality - Omni device.. - pleas support it on Kickstarter

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Oculus rift + Kinect like sensor + Omni.

Long gameplay only for athlets, but otherwise it is great and working.

I backed it, with few bucks, just because i dont want to be a progress stopper..

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You know, the space thing is

You know, the space thing is a good point. I canceled my pledge. I think I'd be fine for now with just the VR headset when that's ready for consumer release. I can always get this at a later date if I'm moved to.

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Perhaps not for casual home usage, but....

This device seems impractical for the casual home environment, but I think it has a lot of promise in other areas. Obviously, this would be a ridiculous thing to set up in the living room, or even in the average bedroom. Do you really need one more thing to get in the way when you're not playing games?

Also, i doubt that the average American would last three minutes on this thing in a "deathmatch" scenario without collapsing in exhaustion (or heart attack). And while you're running around, huffing and puffing, the other fat kid sitting on the couch holding a joystick is kicking your butt!

However, in an arcade setting, or an E-SPORT setting, or even a gym, this thing (or something like it) would be marvelous! I would love to see something like this in an arcade; I would play it! And in the gym, something like this would be excellent for cardio!

I think this thing would be amazing for E-sports, however. Videogame competitions would require real atheletes to compete at the highest level! They'd have to not only have super hand-eye cordination and know the ins-and-outs of the game in question, but they'd have to have incredible physical endurance as well! There would have to be much more tactical planning and realism; no more running-and-gunning with a heavy dose of bunny-hopping. This device might actually make videogame competitions worth watching for the casual observer, rather than just the hardcore.

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Maybe it's just me...

Maybe it's just me but I prefer to use a gamepad and a reasonable size screen to play games. I don't see myself playing a 12 hour session of "Skyrim" with VR tech.

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hate to say it.. i cant see

hate to say it.. i cant see this working. I have used friction (less) shoes for some mess around stuff ( gym skating etc) there are very few in the world who could keep that up for more then 10-15 minutes.. let alone a few hours of gaming. they show TF2/ skyrim/ some other FPS.. if we don't have enough snipers in these games, 95% of the gameing public would be mouthbreathing in 1-3 minutes.. and would just sit and wait for some poor shmuch who is out of breath so he cant aim because he ran across the battlefield.

I love the idea and ancient old VR setups that mimicked this (sorta, no where as nice) where quite fun..

take Skyrim, you don't get access to horses (or quick travel till you reach a location) walking it would take forever (skyrim defaults to run mode ) again, the average gamer cant run that long and much.. Would be awesome to get healthy while playing.. its just not going to happen In my opinion.. as for the idea, its awesome..

teh upside is it should be easy to use on most games..

Bill Loguidice
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Against my better judgment, I

Against my better judgment, I decided to back Omni when it first came out. I held off on the Oculus Rift simply because I knew the final tech would be different in the retail release. Hopefully I get both around the same time.


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