VecVoxX Developer and 3D Imager for the GCE Vectrex Now Shipping from Pre-order

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madtronix's Incredible New 3D Color Imager for GCE's Vectrex: {Image from the madtronix Website}madtronix's Incredible New 3D Color Imager for GCE's Vectrex: {Image from the madtronix Website}Great news! After countless months of waiting after pre-ordering and pre-paying at a veritable steal of a price, my VecVoxX Developer and 3D Imager are shipping for the GCE Vectrex, the only home vector-based videogame system ever released.

The VecVoxX is compatible with the VecVox and VecVoice, but has the added advantage of a case and several other built-in features that those others don't/didn't. Also, I got the developer edition, so I can develop to the device if I can ever muster the time for it. Not many homebrew games take advantage of the voice modules for the Vectrex, but enough do that it's definitely worth it, and future support should be even better (the Vectrex obviously has a tremendous homebrew community and was the one of the first systems to receive such support).

The 3D Imager is a "clone" of the original color 3D Imager for the Vectrex released at the end of that system's life. Until the release of the 3D shutter system glasses for the Sega Master System, this was the penultimate 3D for home systems. Obviously original 3D imagers can go for as much as $1,000+ on eBay and finding the color wheels and matching games can be an issue. Nevertheless, with this replacement you can get the same effect, and, adding in a good flash or multi-cart (all Vectrex games have been put in the public domain), get the complete Vectrex color 3D vector experience (remember, the Vectrex is normally a black and white system that uses plastic overlays for color - for the 3D glasses it uses a spinning color wheel). I can't wait, as speech and 3D are among my two favorite classic game extensions...

I'll have much more on this once I receive them in a few weeks, though I may not make Issue 8's deadline for an official review/look. The developer's Website is here and well worth a look for lucky Vectrex owners:


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It came today

My VecVoxx Developer, light pen, 3D Imager and multi-cart came today all in the same package. I'm going to try and cover it all for our next issue, as I will definitely be spending time with them all this week.

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