What was interesting on E3 2013 for me, what are my thoughts for broader audience

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What was interesting on E3 2013 for me, what are my thoughts for broader audience:

  1. Ubisoft taked EA role - and is now mainstream ruler. Despite im not big believer in Watch dog success, Ubi has more interesing AAA titles and with AC 3 and Far cry 3, Deus Ex 3 proved that is able to deliver.

  2. Sandbox gameplay step by step becomes mainstream for big titles - Metal Gear solid 5 is now more open world. Assasins Creed 4 too, Destiny, Watch dogs, Witcher 3 there are couple of others. Big AAA and level based is now less popular. Whole this trend is very good, but it will takes more than 5 years too realize, that best is Morrowind or Daggerfall like experience which was delivered 11/17 years ago.

  3. Watch dogs gameplay will be problematic - as i said above, im not big fan of Watch dogs, because i simple dont belive in smooth gameplay, in such enviroment. Deus Ex has micro levels, general cooridors and was action oriented.. goal of Watch dog is much more complex and complicated. Gameplay video which i saw, looks like cooridoric level like experience, where open world gameplay is every limited and against story.. Results looks and like Assasins Creed with some fancy hacking, but not openworld freedom gameplay, which leting me i but cold. Also i dont believe i good implementation of in real world almost infinity hacking possibilities and their real impact on gameplay (because in that case you should create story for zillion of npc, which could be done manualy and generation of story by some algoritms are featured technology..)

  4. Assasins Creed 4 - zillion of developers on one game, what could kill game industry how wee know it. If another studio would be try keep pace (graphical fidelity) with Ubi, it could ends with 5-10 realy AAA game per year, which have to sell minimaly 8+ milions of copies.

  5. Dragon Age 3 - im glad, that game is development. We saw only cinematic, not gameplay, but i think i would be good game (7/10) Mass efect like, but i dotn believe i big change and realy big game experience, as in case of Witcher or next Elder Scrolls or Fallout.

  6. Elder scrolls online - maybe, maybe.. could be next stage of MMO, but i dont belive in that too much. They have some ammout of courage, because for example promised FPS combat, but i think that it will be still another clone of obsolute WoW systems, for example like Age of Conan. We bunch of new design approach and part of complexity of Ultima Onlines systems.

  7. Destiny - nice outdoor graphics, fancy tiered fights, MMO/Coop crossover.. as single maybe, but as multiplayer game, which all stupid MMO mechanims levels, big labels under heads of enemies, i would be another best seller for Halo fanboys and Call of Duty players. Im not interesed, this is not real progress.

  8. Titans Fall-   mix of human and mech combat in one location. Regarding of difference between size of humans and mechs, i dot believe and game mechanisms will work. Because is realy problematic design levels and balance game system for such combination in single player game, nobody did it succesfully.. nearest are paradoxly maybe Shadow of Collusus. You could design very detaily indoors but after play in human from will go too outdoors big areas, such areas will be boring and empty - like in Metal Gear solid 4 outdoors scenes with big robots.

  9. Witcher 3 - for me clear winner of E3. Now with big budget (30M $) and first time on way to open world orgasm. I think that one world experience would be such good as in case of Elder scrolls or Gothic, but it will come in next games from this Studio. Still could be in USA, killed by voice acting etc, but im think now Witcher will be hit and will be mature enough. Witcher 2 was, in last years, second best game after Skyrim.

  10. Too many exclusive titles - Drawbacks for gamers - you will be forced to buy, every console, because of 3-4 good games. This is waste of developers and gamers many, gaming should be about games not about hardware. This dead end and with this generation, is even stronger that even before.

  11. Deep Down - very interesing render from Sony february conference, was probably only empty cinematics, on E3 nobody tell nothing, so dont expect anything great. Best what we get from Japan is now probably Dragons Dogma 1 and 2(in development).

  12. Dark souls 2 - any progress, again diffuculty is main design mechanism - im interesed only with cheats, because i dont want to invest 100+ hours into quite good hack and slash, but not exceptional game (from point of game world, level design etc).

  13. Ryse - im affraid of QTE, but im quite intered, but it could be finaly succer of best arcade games like Golden Axe, Doman (polish amiga clone) or Mystara, in 3D. I played everythin from Die by the Sword, through Severance: Blade of Darkeness, Conans, Zeno Clash. but there is not such game where melee combat works and is realy goods. This game lots like new Gears of War, with swords so im quite interesed. Pleas dont argued with God of War - swords on chains, 360 degree attack, static camera, and killing bosses through piercies their thumbs are very stupid ideas.

  14. Valve - despite that hardware and games for new (de)generation of console are look quite good, they could lost the battle. Because in 2 years, finanly Valve could deliver Steambox with better hardware, controlled of you choice (games or keyboard and mouse) and realy big library of games, which are already porting on Linux (Valve couldnt bundle Steambox with Windows, Linux or Android are only alternatives). Imagine games console with 2 or more exclusive Valve titles and hardware like service, where simply every 2 years will Valve change mainboard and keep data, what is already possible with Piston. Not order im not Valve fan, but definitly is lesser evil that Sony and MS.

  15. Nintendo is finaly dead for hardcore - someone saids, rest in peace, i much more like dead in big pain.. for things and companies which i hate, because like bad things, people and companies is character flaw:) . They will pay for their arogance. There still have very capital, because they was 1st company in income per employee, but there will be forced to by handheld company, there are still in leading position, for now. They have only Zelda and  maybe 2 relativly good Japan rpg, its not good enough, they need, at least 10 very good games.

  16. Return of renders - ancient skeleton strikes back, in form renders and cinematics instead of realy gameplay fotages. I though that this is past, that lies, as Halo 2 presation will not repeated (they simply showed cinematics and gameplay and later on collectors editics disc admited that, so fake and there on able deliver such game and after this faked presentation half of team, went away..). Because people wanted gameplay movies, publisher was telling that movies in from game, so called "in-gamme", but on presentation were presented primarly cinemacits, not gameplay.  What is even worst that, in majority on PC, with much better details and quality, than will be able this console generation deliver. ATI 7790 and 7850 and low power 8 core CPU with 1/2 of performance todays Core i7, arent nothing specials and definity not 800$ Geforce 770 aka Titan, which was in "Xbox one" machines.
    What is worst of whole situation, that majority of game journalist, think that these renderers was ingame footage and wrote stories, about amazing incomming nextgen..

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Im preordering only Kickstarter games, which i want to support, otherwise it is unnessecery risk.

Dragon Age 1&2
- i completed both, end of 2end was very stupid such majority of story. But otherwise, game deep was missing, sex between yor character and some micromanagment between was good, Ishar like, but i Stonekeep i was better.. But main problem of DA for my is lack of real ambitions, because game world was, unopen and build from lots of microlevel, which simply were empty and purely designed. Everything was oriented around party based combat, i know there was few Mass effect like story decisions. Elder scrolls games or Gothic or old dungeons were much deeper experience.

QTE - are worth of some braining. I was hated them since i firstime met them in Clive Barker: Jericho, worst experience with them is had in Heavy Rain, that was disaster. But, if i thought about, world without QTE isnt flawless.. Because if you, thinking about, this.. you need in complex game some moments, where you need to respond, wery quick or its not gameplay, but static cuscene.. what is even worse and more boring. So could ignore some natural situation in your game world, or you should use QTE, somehow.

In old games, were some sort you QTE too, because you should quickly move somewhere or click on something, or shoot something. Let to more explain moving case, because moving in old games, was oriented on legs - you could walk,run, strafe, jump and crouch.. or creep what almost same. But simulation of rest of the body, almost dont exist.. hands very usualy used for weapons and reducled only to combat situations. In all 3rd and 1st person games, very QTE are mostly used, are also cursor. Cursor is usualy meant as point of or look and target for your weapon, or hand action (button presing, item pickimg etc). You are simply onehanded and head left and right turning is disabled (here headtracking is solution for future). Experience in old games with mouse cursor, was not perfect but quite good, you simple click at target, when you were near of it. And non movement QTE could be realized by, quick mouse moves and clicking.. - what wasnt perfect, but it worked.

But with gamepad it is problematic, because FPS gameplay on gamepad is problematic, lots of games switched to 3rd, where cursor looks strange, but they throw it away, and changed way of in game object activation, no more cursor clicking, but go near and press and specific activation button, but there is problem in case of more such object on one place. You could have specific button for specific action, but you will need lots of button and great memory - for instance - imagine situation, where you stay by table, on table is lots of different sorts of fruits in one bowl and you want to picking exactly one - will you have button for pick up orange and pick up apple etc? With visible cursor is possible, with invisible cursor, where isnt targeting so smooth, you have problem. So i think that with 3rd person game on gamepad degeneration started..

How is solution?:
1) Let player to fail, problem of most of games, are that, you miss QTE, you die.. This is nonsense, this could be maybe in 1% of cases.
2) Because QTE, realy isnt so much fun, dont build whole gameplay around them.
3) This is future. - We need non only leg based movement character control, but also rest of body, to simulate real body movement and make it naturaly, such leg movement. So player will be feel, such control and situations as normal gameplay not QTE sequence (like walking somewhere).
I think that im would be capacle design, brand new body controls system, where will be possible things - like recling, genuflection, different hand moves.. but it would be complicated, such for example in Die by the Swords - sword handling on keyboard and it would take lots of resources to develop and test.
But i think, that sometime in future that will come and be smooth and working. Because before Assasins creed, we spoke about vertical movement and climbing, that in games dont work and now it is smooth and believable, this only next step to interactivity, give player more and WASD and QTE for characters body control.

Who: Brujah Zealot, the pimp of babylons bitch. / Location: Scorched heart of Europe. // Sorry for my moldavian sort of english, i have 2 possibilities, to be silent or try to say something +look like idiot..

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Interesting obversvations Ruthan

The gaming landscape is sure is very interesting to watch. I am not pre-ordering anything as of yet. I am going to enjoy the 360 and the PS3 (as long as the updates don't stop it dead in its tracks :P ) for the time being with some PC gaming and Android gaming on the side.

Very curious how the Xbox One and the PS4 eventually will hit the market and under what conditions. I am hoping for Microsoft to be more clear about the rental status of the games - and perhaps adopt a sensible rental/subscription based price point which makes investing in the more here and now experience on the Xbox One from a consumable standpoint not too bad. If they stick to the full price for these games I will be focusing on the other platforms. I would really suck though as I like all technology and I don't want to limit myself. But still. We'll see.

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At the moment, my one

At the moment, my one pre-order on the Xbox One is Ryse, and my one pre-order for the PS4 is Knack. I'll probably get a second title for each closer to the launch date once I know more about the games, but my reason for choosing those was that each promises something somewhat original. I can get "the next in a series" games anytime. (the other qualification being it had to be available on or before I actually got the system)

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Agree with alot of it.. Not

Agree with alot of it.. Not sure about UBI and EA.. But UBI is growing fast.. I was suprised when EA said most its sports games (new engine) wont be on PC WHAT? now that consoles are as close to PC as it can get and porting is easy, EA is stopping?

Love Sandbox gameplay, but I know many need clear instructions, not sure if more will be better. I often wonder with time restraints most have, if short and liner inst the Future.. for me IM all for the sandbox.. Am happy to see more of it.

Watchdogs: lotta hype, I havent seen anything Im excited about in it. so wont comment

AC4: again.. didn't care much for first one.. and the rest where ok, not my type of game, so no comment.

DA3: while I think DA was the best, DA2 was a poor outing , but even with that said, i thought it was ok.. so DA3 is a good thing.

Elder Scrolls online: was alot of "so so " comments, but after E3 it seems everybody is talking about it.. which almost means it will be OK, but not great.. High hopes for it myslef.

Dark Souls 2: this is my personal favorite game series right now.. Demons Souls, Dark Souls.. easily on my top 10 lists.. of all time.. as long as DS2 follows and improves.. doesn't get all button smash and combo and QTE count me in!!!!
Titans fall: agree very much.. I cant see this working in a GOOD way.. teh right guys are doing it.. but as we have seen so many times great devs do make crap games. This one is not on my must play list.. but Im not a HUGE cod BF fan .. so.. ehhh

RYSE: i keep hearing GOW wanna be.. and way to many QTE so im OUT.. at least till i see it in action .. (never say no till you can judge for yourslef)

Too many exclusive titles: Ok.. i must say im not to sure about this.. the new xbox had like 12 and Sony had like 14 (or something in that area..) the xbox had alot of "why?" titles for me so many already (not really exclusives as they are on PC).. Minecraft? Dead Rising and Forza 5 are both worth a look, bot neither are system sellers.

Sony isnt in much better shape: New Final Fantasy (last ones are all kinda crap) a couple PC online games. and all the standard Sony stuff Killzone, Gran Turismo, Infamous..

I dont see anything on either I care enough that it would sway me to one or the other.. Forza has been the stronger Racing game, but some early stuff suggests GT might come back and be top dog, halo or Killzone: dont care FPS are fro PC's :) and all "exclusives " that are not MS or SONY owned will be on the other console 6 month or a year later if they sell good.

lots of interesting thoughts..

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