GameMID Android Handheld Review - an 1hr in depth look (including gameplay & benchmarks) (HD)

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A review of the GameMID Android Handheld produced by REP Electronics Ltd (Hong Kong based) that will be brought to the market by various vendors under various brands. My unit comes with 8Gb of memory, the bare minimum will be 4Gb, but 16Gb or 32Gb of Flash memory is possible depending on ways the resellers would like the setup.

This video contains a look at the device itself, the specifications, some live gameplay, a look at its guts, benchmarking it and comparing it to the JXD S3700B, the Archos Gamepad and the Nexus 7, HDMI captured gameplay of various Android native games and various emulators. Read more below.

Benchmark scores by the GameMID:
3Dmark: 2042 (with HDMI TV-out 1683)(Nexus 7: 3322)(JXD S7300B: 2015)(Archos Gamepad: 2994)
Geekbench2: 805 (Nexus 7: 1446)(JXD S7300B: 635)(Archos Gamepad: 950)
Antutu: 12157 (Nexus 7: 11986)(JXD S7300B: 6480)(Archos Gamepad: 11552)

A strong contender in my opinion scores 81/100 - only because of the 8 Gb of internal flash memory. Had that been more the unit would easily have scored 90/100 in my book.
Score breakdown:
-Buttons/keys: 90/100 - real independent real analog sliding nubs, real d-pad (playstation style)
-Screen: 80/100
-Battery: 90/100
Memory: The only minus really, I would have liked to have more memory at my disposal, 8Gb is enough if you don't mind swapping out the games (deleting en re-downloading them) or if you don't want to have several huge games on the handheld. As it does support 64Gb SD cards it will be perfect for emulation as the emulators will easily fit even in the 8Gb and also even 4Gb of flash memory and the 64Gb SD will fit a lot. The external memory card will NOT be able to have apps installed to it as Android doesn't allow that.
What could also work is if the external SD card is somehow mapped to the internal SD card, some third party patches allow such things and that would allow a device to use the SD card as internal memory to install apps to. Perhaps the producer itself will come up with a solution for that. Especially with a fast 64Gb SD card something like that should be possible.

The screen is very clear and has a good saturation and contrast, can be viewed from quite a good angle. Much better than the offerings of Archos and JXD.

The VKM (virtual key mapping tool) works very intuitive and keeps profiles of the games. The mapping of the physical buttons in the OS is done in a way that a lot of apps supporting physical buttons will just work with the buttons as they are using standard HID codes.

Compared to other contenders in the market like the Archos Gamepad and the JXD S3700B I'd choose this any time over these. The Nexus 7 is a more powerful 7" tablet but sadly lacks the physical controls. So I'd choos the GameMID, it has a nice slogan
"Enjoy Gaming With Physical Game Buttons" and on this console the controls work. They feel like real console controls - something that a lot of Android devices are struggling with and which is hard to get right. This company has succeeded in creating a very playable device.

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An official website (still under construction) has been created at and questions regarding availability of the GameMID black Panther edition can be directed at

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I have put the device through its paces and I got 4hr 30 minutes of usage with 75% brightness, 75% volume on HD movie watching and about the same for intensive Playstation emulation. Very cool results. The unit lasts even longer with less power hungry apps.

I actually recorded the footage in the clip above on a single charge and that does not include the retakes and stuff left out of the clip. Basically I was using the device throughout a day hooked it up to the TV with HDMI and shot quite a bit of footage. So you do get a nice real life performance out of that 4000mAH battery!


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