Matt Chat 196: Lord British on Ultima

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In the second part of my interview with Richard Garriott--aka Lord British, we chat about the origins of Ultima, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Apple II.

Download the mp4.


David (not verified)

I'll been waiting for you to interview Lord British since you started the Matt Chat video series. I grew up playing Ultima on my 286 clone PC. I still have the Ultima Collection released back in the mid 1990s in my house somewhere.
Excellent interview.

Mark Vergeer
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Joined: 01/16/2006
Excellent video - thanks to both for doing this

Thoroughly enjoyed this part of the interview yet again. Funny how self modifying code was a thing people had to come up with to overcome the limitations of a machine. I remember doing something similar myself where I'd compress unused bits of code and decompress in specific memory spaces when needed so I could make more of the 64k of my machine. The c64 and the appleII were quite similar in that aspect. Of course I could never achieve something great as Ultima so I leave that to the great Lord a British. Excellent stuff, looking forward to the next bit.

Realms of Quest (not verified)
All hail Lord British

I spent countless hours in my teenage years back in the late 1980s trying to make my own version of Ultima. I still do with my own recent homebrew retro gaming projects on the side.

I've never heard Richard Garriott speak before--he is a treasure trove of knowledge and has an amazing ability to articulate his thoughts. It's no wonder that he has been extremely successful.

I'd like to see him scan His old teletype games' source code. I'm sure that there would be quite a few fans who wouldn't mind typing in that code for him.

Joined: 11/05/2012

All refined gentlemen know it's "toll-kin", not "toll-keen" :P

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