Do-it-yourself Pong for Only $20!

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Looking for a cool summer project for yourself and/or your kids? Got a fancy new soldering iron collecting dust? Well, head over to ThinkGeek and pick up a Pong DIY kit. The kit comes with a pre-printed circuit board and lots of techie components like "diodes," not to be confused with another bit of gadgetry. You can hook the finished product up to your TV and enjoy 1 or 2 player Pong sessions at four different difficulty levels. W00T! It's too bad I'm a clutz with solder or I'd order mine today. And, no, I'm not buying a wussy "cold heat" soldering iron and no non-toxic solder, because without the thrill of danger, where's the fun?
Link via Gizmodo.


Bill Loguidice
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Ah, I have a cold heat

Ah, I have a cold heat soldering iron for that very reason. I'm horrible with a regular iron.

I've seen that kit before and it certainly has intrigued me, but at some point a line has to be drawn with these things. There just wasn't enough to the kit to push me over the edge, anyway, particularly with the lack of dials for controls.

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