Mark Plays... Nano Assault NEO (WiiU)

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You need to stop the spread of a deadly Nano virus. You must fight to make cells healthy again. Sounds like a boring biology themed bit of educational software disguised as a game but it is far from anything remotely educational. Nano Assault NEO is a great twin stick analog shooter on the WiiU - available as a downloadable game. Read more below...

You can play this without a TV - on the gamepad only! It also sports 2 player-cooperative play, one gamer plays on the WiiU gamepad and another plays on the TV.
Developer: Shin'en Multimedia
Platform: WiiU
Genre: Shoot 'em up / shmup

America: US$9.99
Europe: €9.99/£8.99
Australia: AU$13.00
Japan: ¥1000

(8th June 2013)

I completely forgot to use the RZ button. Hey it's me playing okay? :)
I captured this in 1080p and as my system is a little underpowered the footage is not as smooth as the actual gameplay on the WiiU. I think I'm much better off playing and capturing the games at 720p.


Rowdy Rob
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It looks like Geometry Wars

It looks like Geometry Wars. Next gen, of course, but it looks like it would appeal to the same crowd. The same crowd as Geometry Wars. The same crowd as Robotron.

That's not a bad thing, though. I've spent many an hour playing "Geometry Wars."

Mark Vergeer
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Twin Stick Shooters

Here's a compilation of the videos I did on those twin stick shooter games.


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