Does Our Community Really need a PS4/XBox One?

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I am so impressed by this community. Most of us are open to both classic games, and current games. This got me wondering. Do we really need a PS4/XBox One?

In other words, if the console industry collapsed, or a future generation of consoles were so insanely restrictive nobody wanted to buy them, would it really affect us as a community?

If I count the number of 8-bit computer games that are still enjoyable, along with all the 8/16/32-bit consoles that we so dearly enjoy, there are probably thousands of games titles. Does anyone here (sans Bill) have every single game available? I know I don't.

What is great about our community is our unbiased views of video games. We don't favor classic games over newer games, or newer games over classic games. We play PC/Mac/Table and consoles. We are very lucky indeed.

What do you think?

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Facebook and Twitter, these are disaster.. because usualy inefficient PR people, finaly got their godlike tool.. Before in PR or advertising, should be some creavity inteligence etc.. now simply can say, follow us on facebook and twitter, where they giving all the crapp. I would never use something what is called Facebook, because it primary means that is about pretty face, pics and not about ideas., its low by the design.

To new consoles, im definitly consoles fan, becuase im forced to buy them because of exclusive titles. But, as developer i have to accept, 2 facts, based maybe on faked, inaccurate numbers from NPD, VideogameChartz etc.. and similar organisation and analyst.
1. Half of buyers of videogames is from USA - i would like to see more fragmented audience, because now are forced by publisher, investor do your game american audience oriented.
2. 8/10 of buyers of big mutiplatform titles are console owners.

Second one is important, if you are making big multiplatform game, you have to port your game on consoles. Whole PS3 cell architecture was generaly nightmare, but 256MB ram is realy bottleneck, console without HDD were nightmare (DVD in cause of Xbox, could give you maybe 10MB/S was is realy a little for streaming cities in game where is possible drive at car at 130 mph..), real pain in ass. Todays, games systems have generally lots of fakes and half-broken mechanisms / approximations, because you simple dont have enough performance to do it right. New generation, could give a bit more power to make more thing right. Theoretically speaking, you could do it right now, but graphical fidelity, size of levels etc.. will be very limited and people will be critize your game, because isnt so fancy as others - and could not for example make good AI screenshot..

More performance in good hands, is everytime benefit. I would like to spend development money for new features than on optimalisation to somehow port game on some 7 years old badly designed piece of hardware.

Who: Brujah Zealot, the pimp of babylons bitch. / Location: Scorched heart of Europe. // Sorry for my moldavian sort of english, i have 2 possibilities, to be silent or try to say something +look like idiot..

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I might get a PS4. I've been

I might get a PS4.

I've been a PC gamer mainly my whole life. I had an XBox stint there for a while, but I always come crawling back to the PC. The last console cycle was interesting because it was sooooo long. The technology, particularly the PS3, blew the common household PC out of the water.

A decade later, and PC prices have dropped (especially if you piece them together like I do) I think because of Tablets. Gaming PCs that are much more powerful than those consoles are now affordable to most gamers. This puts the PC crowd in a serious technology and pricing lead.

Heck last night I ordered a 6 core AMD proc., 8 Gigs of DDR3 ram, 1 TB Hard Drive, Cooler Master Case, 650 Power Supply for $299.

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Yes, our community does.

Unless you want to be left behind, it behooves you to keep up with the current tech. Me, I'm already way behind the curve, not understanding why we need these new-fangled thingamajigs like "Facebook" or "Twitter" or whatever the heck you young whipper-snappers are using these days. Back in my day, when I wanted to talk to someone, I talked to them on the phone, or *gasp* spoke to them face-to-face! Heck, I even kissed a girl once (and not their avatar)!!!

But seriously, nothing will give us old fuddie-duddies the same thrill as when we first experienced videogaming. But that doesn't mean that the new stuff won't be fun! Why not give it a chance and see what it offers. No modern movie gives me the same thrills as the movies I grew up with, but I haven't stopped watching movies.

Some of the coolest "elderly" people I know are the people that, despite their advanced age, are doing "tech" stuff like gaming, social media, music streaming, and so forth. It seems that they're the happiest, funnest, most positive people. It keeps them young at heart. It's a good way to be.

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I agree. I find it remarkably

I agree. I find it remarkably short-sighted when people blast every new thing that's out there before having all the facts or by creating bogey-men-in-advance (see Google Glass in public or the new Xbox One Kinect's ever watchful eye). The bottom line is we're gamers (some of us also technophiles), so if there are great games (or great technology), we should play them (or use them), plain and simple. It's up to the individual if they want to play by the new rules or not, but I don't want to ever miss out. I'll of course challenge wrongs, but only when actually and presently wrong!


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